Xcite Locate Delivers Instant Vehicle Location and Status to Help Optimize Lot Productivity

CHICAGO, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the competitive automotive market, dealerships need to have a platform in place that quickly provides accurate vehicle location, status updates, and app-less workflow management capabilities. Xcite Locate is partnering with Cox 2M to harness LotVision, a real-time GPS vehicle location product for dealerships. With Xcite Locate, dealers can optimize lot throughput, which increases staff productivity, reduces vehicle days to photos, and gets vehicles ready to sell faster. 

Xcite Locate’s integration with Frontline, Xcite Automotive’s new mobile workflow vehicle inventory management platform, provides even more capabilities for dealers. Dealers, vendors, and Xcite’s five hundred plus team of photographers will now have access to real-time GPS data of vehicles, powered by LotVision from Cox 2M, allowing them to more easily track down cars that are missing photos. This will assist them in more efficiently identifying and photographing each vehicle – saving time and money.

Skip Dowd, Xcite Automotive CSO, says, “We are excited to bring Xcite Locate to Frontline, empowering dealers and our national field team with increased visibility, transparency, and communication for vehicles on and off the lot.” He goes on to say, “This partnership with COX2M brings years of work and innovation to market, ultimately reducing the time it takes to make vehicles frontline-ready.”

COX 2M’s Head of Commercial, Lisa McDonough, comments, “Cox 2M is excited to be partnering with Xcite Automotive on our joint mission to continuously innovate and assist dealers in finding even further efficiencies within their dealership and offsite locations. Through combining Xcite’s industry-leading marketing, reconditioning and merchandising services with Cox 2M’s vehicle location and health diagnostic solutions, we believe we can provide a best-in-class, full-service solution for every dealership’s vehicle lifecycle needs.”

Xcite Automotive is building an impressive suite of software capabilities, including the development of Frontline and the recent acquisition of CarsbyText.

According to Phil Penton, CEO of Xcite Automotive, “We are doubling down on our investments to deliver new and innovative solutions for OEMs, Dealer Groups, Fleet Providers, and dealers. In coming quarters and years, we see the industry leveraging these platforms to more seamlessly move, acquire and locate vehicles across dealer groups and OEM enterprise platforms.”

Xcite Locate is available now to all Xcite Automotive dealerships. For more information, please visit www.xciteauto.com or contact sales@xciteauto.com

For more information on how Xcite can help improve your dealership’s productivity, please call us at 1-800-898-5161 or visit our website at www.xciteauto.com.

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