Viviota™ Advances Digital Engineering with TTI Repository™

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Viviota, Inc., the leader in analytics management software enabling Digital Transformation for global engineering teams, today announced Viviota Time-to-Insight Repository™ (TTI Repository™), the first engineering repository for global teams operationalizing and sharing complex engineering data and analytics such as AI/ML models. As the newest member of the TTI product family, TTI Repository puts the power of AI/ML, simulation and other advanced analysis capabilities in the hands of the everyday engineer.

Viviota is ushering in the age of Digital Engineering with software that connects global engineering teams, their data and next generation analytics capabilities. With TTI Repository software, engineers are accelerating product development with higher collaboration and at lower costs. Viviota customers include major manufacturers in automotive, energy, medical device, and aerospace sectors.

"The expanding set of data assets generated by Kairos Power’s rapid iterative development approach is crucial in verifying our advanced reactor systems’ cost, safety and quality for our customers," said Brandon Haugh, Senior Director of Modeling and Simulation at Kairos Power. "To achieve these goals, we rely on rapid iterations enhanced by software and tools such as Viviota’s solution to give our remote teams the ability to learn by building, utilizing these data assets to ensure the successful development and deployment of our technology."

To support agile development approaches, engineers need ways to leverage the full value of their organization’s data, analytics and AI/ML models across global organizations. TTI Repository™ provides the platform connecting global engineering teams to their data and analytics assets, wherever they may be. Purpose-built for engineers, TTI repository provides the backbone for managing and accessing data, analytics code and AI models making next-generation analytics possible. The platform provides a solution which simultaneously improves efficiency, agility, and elasticity while cutting costs and improving data exploitation capabilities. TTI Repository enables global engineering organizations to derive the greatest value from their core engineering IP assets. It may be deployed in an on-prem data center, cloud environment or a hybrid of the two. TTI Repository works in concert with TTI Edge or other software connecting edge data resources.

"TTI Repository fills a gap in our customers’ engineering data asset infrastructure stack. Along with TTI Edge, Viviota provides a top to bottom solution for the needs of the global engineering organization," said Darren Schmidt, CTO, of Viviota. "Depending on customer requirements, we can now manage and distribute data and analytics assets from the Edge all the way up to the cloud. This provides a seamless experience for global engineering teams. We align specific solutions with customer requirements and balance with their budget."

"This cements us as the strategic choice for global engineering organizations," said Eric Newman, CEO, Viviota. "We are delivering a practical and usable solution for teams to operationalize global data assets and processes. For example, with TTI Repository, an engineering team member in Stuttgart can access the data being generated in Japan, and analytics from Detroit all through one interface."

About Viviota, Inc. 

Viviota fills a critical gap in the Digital Transformation of manufacturing Engineering and R&D teams tasked with product development. Viviota provides engineering organizations software to manage engineering and scientific data, automate time-consuming workflows and enable advanced analytics, maximizing the value of engineering data whatever its source—simulation, testing, production or operational—while minimizing the time and cost for engineering tasks and shortening product development cycles.

Viviota is an NI SystemLink Specialty Alliance Partner, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Business Partner and member of the HPE Edgeline Innovation Network. Viviota is based in Austin, TX.

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