Vehya Announces Partnership with HEVO Inc. to Install and Service Wireless EV Chargers

DETROIT, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Electrification of Things (EoT) startup, Vehya, has announced a partnership with HEVO Inc., a leading provider of wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, to accelerate the installation of wireless EV charging in the U.S. This collaboration provides a pathway for Vehya to become one of HEVO’s preferred partners for the installation and maintenance of its wireless charging products.

HEVO has commercialized its award-winning Rezonant hardware and Journey software to provide customers with a safe, simple, and seamless charging experience. HEVO’s partnership with Vehya is essential to providing end-to-end customer service, from initial engagement through scaled deployments and ongoing maintenance. As a key partner to HEVO, Vehya will manage the entire delivery, installation, and maintenance process for future HEVO customers.

“HEVO is ecstatic to partner with Vehya, which already provides customers around the world with a turnkey solution to EV charging,” said HEVO’s Chief Commercialization Officer, Vic Peltola. “Our collaboration will enable more customers to benefit from wireless charging without the headaches of installation and maintenance so often associated with charging infrastructure,” he added.

To ensure the best customer service for HEVO customers, Vehya will offer a technological platform that guarantees the hire of trained and specialized electricians professionals, guarantees a reasonable price, and shares important maintenance information with customers.

“The partnership between Vehya and HEVO is another key step to accelerating EV adoption. Vehya is excited to lead the delivery of the wireless charging technology that our customers have been requesting”, says William McCoy, CEO and founder of Vehya.

HEVO and Vehya will demonstrate Level 2 wireless charging in 2023 in the Detroit area as the first step towards developing a long-term and global supply agreement in 2024.

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Founded in Detroit, Vehya delivers EV-charging solutions designed for businesses and homeowners. Vehya makes choosing, installing, and maintaining EV chargers simple and cost-effective with electrical professionals who cover all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and Latin America. Learn more about how Vehya makes the Electrification of Things (EoT) easy at:

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