Vanson is the Largest Producer of High Quality Custom Motorcycle Racing Suits in the U.S.

FALL RIVER, Mass., Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Make no bones about it, Vanson Leathers inc. located in Fall River, MA has been making leather racing suit, jackets, and bags for the motorcycle racer with a bone motif, ghoulish, perhaps, but a head turner.

Vanson has been making quality leather goods since 1974. One of popular product lines is the Bones collection. The heritage of Vanson’s bone line has its roots with the custom motorcycle flat track racing suit with the bones being one of those designs. Flat track racing is one of the oldest types of bike racing there is. The bones design became very popular with customers asking for the design to be incorporated into other items in the Vanson line. From those days of making the bone racing suits, the design has been added to jackets, gloves and bags for motorcycle racers and street riders.

Don’t own a motorcycle but want to show off your dark side Vanson will be glad to help. Just visit the Bones page to see the complete bone line of products. Choose from either the BONES Flat Track Jacket (the top half of our flat track suit with an anatomically correct bone design) the Model B w/BONES Jacket (a cartoon bone style designed in 1975) or the BONES Vest. Our BONES motif doesn’t end there, we offer two styles of BONES gloves the Roper and the X-Ray to finish the ‘look’ when wearing the jacket. For those that really want to make a statement wherever they go we offer a BONES Bag that is guaranteed to turn heads. Just bopping around and want something casual, we finish off our collection with the BONES Tee-shirt.

All Vanson’s leather products are hand built, made to last. An insistence on highest quality materials, starting with our secret proprietary tanning and leather finishing. Then, cut and sewn by hand in our workshop in Fall River, MA, USA. Additionally, all products are assigned a unique serial number which is used to keep track of date of build, template used for reference if and when the product needs repairs. An additional benefit to the serial number is if it is ever stolen, we have the number on file so if it ever sent to us for repair, we can get it back to you. If you want "Industrial Strength," don’t settle for anything less than a Vanson.

Visit and check out the complete line of high-end leather products, Vanson has styles that fit anyone’s needs. Want to talk to someone just give a call at 508.678.2000 or email:

Make No Bones About it Vanson has it!

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