Unlocking Success: The Positive Impact of Vision Group Network’s Mission

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vision Group Network (VGN), a trailblazer in virtual forums, has garnered acclaim for its transparent approach to sharing strategic information among retailers and suppliers. With an audience of over 150,000 convenience retailers and hundreds of vendors and solution providers, VGN is reshaping how top businesses share issues around AI, technology, consumer engagement, digital media, labor management and more within the convenience retailing and energy markets.

VGN’s journey began with The Vision Group’s virtual forum which met to discuss industry disruptions during the global pandemic and led to the immensely successful Convenience Leaders Vision Group (CLVG) and Convenience Technology Vision Group (CTVG). As a catalyst for diverse opinions and open dialogue, The Vision Group Network fosters a community that shares knowledge and innovative ideas across the B2B and B2C markets in convenience retail, foodservice, and fuel/energy/mobility channels.


VGN’s Vision Reports offer a rich source of information, allowing readers to see how members from big, medium, and small retail and supplier companies engage with experts, debate, share experiences, and brainstorm solutions in a lively virtual setting. VGN operates on the principle that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” with its mission to disseminate knowledge and innovation throughout the industry.

“Free access to information – new ideas, strategies, what works and what doesn’t – and the personal experiences of our members helps all retailers and suppliers to better understand today’s challenges and opportunities,” said Roy Strasburger, co-founder of VGN. “Our plan is to cross-pollinate ideas not only within a specific retail channel but across all retail formats.”

The VGN Vision Reports include “Views”, which provides the highlights of each forum’s conversation, and “In the Room” which presents a transcript of the entire meeting, as well as the full presentations of guest subject matter experts.  Within this unique combination, VGN Vision Reports capture all of the ideas that are shared and, most importantly, provides authentic context with transparency that people can trust.

Vision Reports Archive – Vision Group Network (tvgsolutions.com)

“As an ally supporter of Vision Group Network, we applaud their commitment to inclusivity and knowledge-sharing, driving positive change in the convenience retailing sector,” says Patrick Raycroft, partner with global professional service company W Capra.

According to VGN co-founder Myra Kressner, “We are extremely pleased with the extensive support that Vision Group Network has received from convenience retailing media and associations. Additionally, CLVG and CTVG Vision Reports have been shared broadly in various automotive, technology and financial media outlets around the world.”

For example, two global media and event companies, SolarMedia and Open Room Events, called upon VGN’s co-founders Roy Strasburger and Myra Kressner to lead discussions with US and global convenience retail and energy retailers and suppliers at their respective inaugural US EV World Congress and ReFuel Forum USA events held November 2023.

Electric Vehicles Vision Group (evVG) and Generation Z Vision Group (GZVG) will launch in 2024

In an exciting development, VGN’s evVG forum will serve as an exclusive gateway to a syndicate of forward thinkers, industry leaders, and innovators in the energy/electric vehicle sector. The broad-based membership of evVG, encompassing all facets of the EV sector, will encourage holistic solutions to the disruption that will result from widespread EV adoption in the US.

GZVG, another VGN invitation-only group, is designed for a small, inclusive, and diverse cohort of Gen Z (age 18-25) to engage in deep discussions on motivation, career goals, technology use, social media, sustainability, and more.  The conversations in this forum will provide valuable insights for employers and marketers.

Special Breakout Sessions—Another Gamechanger from Vision Group Network

In October 2023, The Vision Group Network launched VGN Breakout Sessions- a groundbreaking initiative that delves into the knowledge, current plans, and future innovations of invited suppliers on important topics identified by VGN members. The objective is to get several key players involved with an issue together, so that mutually beneficial solutions can be created.  Nick Peters, VP IT with Campbell Oil, emphasizes, “It’s amazing transparency for so many players to be in the same place hearing the same things at the same time”.

“After 12 months in the market, we have been approached by several organizations to license our Vision Group Network model,” says VGN co-founder Eva Strasburger. “Our unique approach of sharing the In The Room transcript after each Vision Group meeting has really struck a nerve across the spectrum of players.”

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About Vision Group Network

Vision Group Network is a dynamic platform that facilitates open and inclusive discussions, connecting convenience and energy retailers and solution providers across various sectors. With a commitment to knowledge-sharing, innovation, and collaboration, VGN continues to redefine the landscape of virtual forums in the convenience retail and energy markets.

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