Two Pure White Beams of Perfect LED Brilliance, Blazing a Path Down the Dark Road – AUXITO Introduces High-Performance Q16 Auto LEDs, Setting Up a Bright Future for Headlights

HEBRON, Ky., Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AUXITO recently highlighted its new Q16 LED headlight bulbs while announcing a recent uptick in sales and popularity. Specializing in bulbs for a wide range of vehicles, AUXITO LEDs are state-of-the-art, easy to install, and very popular with automotive mechanics, car enthusiasts, social media influencers, and auto experts. With regular specials and promotions, America’s leading automotive LED lighting brand is available online directly from the company. 

“We’ve been quietly dominating the market for a while now, and we’ve always known how good our lights are,” said AUXITO. “But our latest Q16 Series of LEDs are the best yet – extremely bright, xenon white, and guaranteed to light up the road like you’ve never seen before. We’re talking up to 10,000 Lumens per bulb, far brighter than halogens or incandescent lights. These Q16s are also energy efficient and easy on your car’s battery. And with triple heat dissipation, using copper baseboards and a 12,000 RPM cooling fan, you never have to worry about longevity. It just does not get any better than that.”

AUXITO – Q16 Series LED Headlight Bulbs

  • 600% Brighter Than Halogen: With a luminous flux of up to 20,000 lumens, 100 W per set, 6000 K color temperature; 12 pcs CSP chips in each bulb produce a bright white, daylight-like beam, improving visibility by up to 600%.
  • 1:1 Beam Pattern: Great LED chips mimic halogen light bulbs filaments closely. Fitted with 1:1 beam pattern technology, and ultra-thin 0.039-inch base board, bulbs concentrate beams that shine further down the road without blinding others.
  • 50,000-Hour Life Span: No more frequent replacements. Built-in high speed cooling fan and copper base board effectively pulls the heat away from the LED chips, ensuring more than 50,000 hours continuous lighting.
  • 10 Minute Installation: With a directly plugged wireless design, driver, and fan all in one unit, no hassles, and non-polarity socket and compact size, drivers can install the headlight LEDs with ease in just minutes. Installation gloves included.
  • 99% Vehicles Compatible: Built-in intelligent IC driver and high wattage close to stock bulbs give these LED bulbs better compatibility. Works well with 99% of vehicle systems. CANBUS-ready and error free. Just plug and play.
  • Focused Beam Patterns, Waterproof, Error Free, and No Dark Spots

Check out these YouTube influencer videos featuring a variety of AUXITO reviews and product installation demos:

Rave 5-Star Reviews for AUXITO Q16 Series  LED Headlight Bulbs

“The stock headlights on my 2016 F150 were very dim, I struggled to see well at night. I ordered these for low beams along with high beams. They COMPLETELY changed night visibility. They have a crisp cut-off line, color temp is perfect, and are ridiculously bright without blinding other drivers…” -D. Martin

“These are a great plug-and-play option to replace the dull, dim factory bulbs. Noticeably much brighter and just as easy to replace. I’m just waiting for a high beam headlight to go out so I have a reason to convert those to LED as well. Thanks for a great product.” –DigginLife

About AUXITO – Serving Global Car Owners with Heart

AUXITO specializes in high-performance LED bulbs for cars, SUVs, trucks, and motorcycles, along with exterior and interior lighting. Founded in 2016 as a multi-platform and premier professional automotive lighting manufacturer and innovator, AUXITO has earned the favor of millions of users around the world by matching unparalleled customer service with its easy-to-install 1:1 halogen-bright LED designs. AUXITO lights are long-lasting and brighter than any other. And with 15 automotive lighting designers always hard at work, AUXITO will continue to produce expertly tested designs that are the pinnacle of headlight engineering. View the full series collections and find your next headlights at:

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