Twisted Road Increases Rider Safety with 20-Point Inspection

The leading motorcycle rental company is making riding safer by highlighting motorcycles that have passed their inspection checklist

CHICAGO, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Twisted Road, the leading motorcycle rental community, announced the launch of their 20-point Inspection program, which adds a badge to motorcycles whose owners have completed its inspection checklist. This program allows riders to narrow their motorcycle selection to bikes that have had a recent inspection.

"We continue to find ways to make peer-to-peer motorcycle renting more enjoyable and safer," said Austin Rothbard, founder and CEO of Twisted Road. "This program is simple. The motorcycle owner completes our inspection checklist and sends us a video showing each item has passed. We reward the owners in our community who provide excellent service by giving them greater visibility in our search results."

Once Twisted Road reviews the video, it adds a badge to that owner’s motorcycle profile to highlight and identify recently inspected bikes.

"Because most of our rental motorcycles are owned by individuals, we had to find an innovative and scalable way to inspect bikes to reduce on-road issues. By having the owner show us the tires, electrical system, and other key areas virtually, we can identify the bikes that are in good working order and encourage owners to inspect and maintain their motorcycles regularly. However, we also require the rider and the owner to review the bike just prior to riding to verify that it’s safe to ride."

Twisted Road’s 20-point Inspection program is the latest example of the platform’s notable offerings:

  • Twisted Road has more than 3,000 privately-owned motorcycles for rent across the United States
  • Motorcycle owners earn money by renting out their personal bikes while these bikes would otherwise just be sitting idle
  • Riders use Twisted Road while traveling, to try different motorcycles, or to test-ride before they buy
  • The rental platform boasts extensive variety, with vintage bikes that date back to 1947 as well as new innovative models such as Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle, the LiveWire
  • The company provides damage and liability insurance of up to $1M during all rentals.

"Motorcycle safety is our first priority, and although we can’t ever guarantee that a motorcycle is safe, we can provide more tools to our community as they select the bikes they wish to ride," said Rothbard

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