Three Steps to Protect Your Car This Lovebug Season

OCALA, Fla., May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — You know them well; they fly in swarms and stick to your vehicle. The lovebugs are back, but your vehicle’s paint job doesn’t have to pay the price this season.

As lovebugs descend on Florida, motorists can protect their vehicles by washing these critters off their vehicles every few days.

“There are three basic steps when it comes to ridding your vehicle of lovebugs,” Caliber Car Wash Regional Manager Mitchell Goodman said. “The first is collecting the right tools to scrub, then soaking the splats and washing your vehicle.”

Goodman recommends using brushes with long arms to help reach the lowest parts of your vehicle. He also emphasizes the need to use two water buckets, one clean and one dirty, so you don’t scrub bugs back into your paint after you rinse off your brush.

“Our bug preparation stations are popular because they are a quick and easy one-stop location for scrubbing that offers all these tools for a better pre-soak,” he said.

After giving the bugs a few minutes to steep, Goodman recommends washing the vehicle’s exterior. For extra scrubbing action, cars at Caliber are treated with specialized bug prep sprays before a tunnel wash to get any lasting bug pieces off vehicles. When washing at home, it is recommended that motorists also properly treat splats for easier removal.

Lovebug build-up can decrease visibility while driving and cause damage to the paint of your car. The best practice is to wash them off as soon as possible to prevent bug decay from eating away at clear coats and paint jobs.

“The longer lovebugs and other insects sit on your car, the more difficult they are to get off,” Goodman said. “That’s one reason why regular washes are vital to preventing long-term damage that can devalue your car.”

To assist Florida motorists this month, Caliber is offering $10 off the first month of Limitless wash packages so drivers can wash their car all month long for one low price.

“This year, we also added ceramic coating at no additional cost,” Goodman said. “This provides an extra layer of protection that really builds up after two or more uses and offers another layer lovebugs have to decay through before hitting your paint.”

Motorists throughout the southeast can experience more protection for as little as $20 a month with Limitless plans, which are available at all Caliber locations. For more information, motorists can visit

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