Three Simple Steps to Restoring Your Vehicle’s Finish with AutomotiveTouchUp

NEW ORLEANS, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Paint chips and scratches in your vehicle’s paint are not only unsightly, but can lead to rust and even lower the vehicle’s value. A three-step process, with materials and support from AutomotiveTouchup can restore the finish — and it’s something that anyone can do and achieve professional-looking results.

Depending on the size and type of touch-up project, the paint can be applied with a paint pen, brushed on from a bottle or sprayed from an aerosol can.

“Our three-step AutomotiveTouchup system was developed to make paint repairs easy, convenient and affordable for anyone,” explained Jeremy Thurnau, AutomotiveTouchup president. “Even if it’s your first time, it’s really not very difficult with the help of our online reference and a little practice. There are really only three basic steps to the process.” 

Those steps include:

  1. Surface preparation — First, the area to be painted should be cleaned with dish soap and water as well as a prep solvent. Because paint adheres better to a sanded surface and sanding is better for long-term adhesion, you’ll want to use sandpaper to remove surface corrosion when using aerosol or ready-to-spray paint. If you’re only doing minor touch up work with a pen or bottle, it’s common to skip the sanding process in order to keep the repair area size small. Primer should also be used prior to applying aerosol or ready-to-spray paint and it should be sanded and cleaned before applying the first base coat of paint.
  2. Painting Whether with a paint pen, brush or aerosol spray can, several coats may be needed to restore the paint finish. AutomotiveTouchup’s web site and customer service representatives can help you find the factory color code for your vehicle to help ensure a perfect match, while the web site also offers tips for blending the new paint with the existing color for a more seamless appearance.
  3. Clearcoat — Similar to painting, this application restores the protective layer over the paint and gives it a glossy appearance. After the clearcoat is completely dry, applying rubbing compound to the area will reduce texture and bring out a deep shine to the finish.

“We’ll even help you determine which materials you’ll need and how much paint is required for your vehicle — and our instructional videos walk you through the process,” said Thurnau.

Customers can start with a call to AutomotiveTouchup’s toll-free number 888-710-5192, where they can speak with technical experts who will answer questions, while the website makes it easy to help find the correct color code for perfect-match paint. The paint and supporting materials can be ordered over the phone or online; and once delivered in a complete kit, the video tutorials on the website provide guidance for even first-timers tackling the touch-up repairs themselves.

With formulations for more than 60,000 OEM colors, as well as the complementing clearcoat and even the capability for mixing custom colors, AutomotiveTouchup not only has the right hue for your car, it is offered in a variety of application products, from bottles with brushes and paint pens for smaller nicks and scratches, to aerosol cans and even larger cans of paint for use with spray guns. The supporting materials include different grades of sandpaper, masking tape, surface prep products and more. AutomotiveTouchup even offers filler and spreaders for nicks and dings in metal and plastic bumper material.

The products are suitable for more than just cars, trucks and SUVs, expanding the possibilities for home projects of all types, without a trip to the body shop.

“There’s virtually no nick, scratch or rock chip you can’t handle on your own,” said Thurnau. “Our videos, online reference material and technical professionals available via phone will walk you through it.  We offer everything needed to perform the repair delivered in one box right to your door.”

Headquartered in New Orleans, AutomotiveTouchup is a division of Microfinish LLC, which produces coatings for vehicular and industrial equipment repair and refinishing in a state-of-the-art facility. For more information, call 1.888.710-5192 or visit Follow on Facebook:, Twitter: @atu_microfinish or Instagram: @automotivetouchup.

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