This is How the Industry will Adopt V2X

CAMPBELL, Calif., Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — New: Mobile Experts released a report that presents a clear overview of how vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and other (V2X) links will be adopted in the automotive industry.

The shift from DSRC (802.11p) to cellular (LTE and 5G NR) radios is examined in detail, with technical background on the advantages of each approach. A five-year forecast for adoption of On-Board Units (OBUs) and Roadside Units (RSUs) is included.

"Auto manufacturers want to save lives. Employees at almost every major company have a real desire for improved safety and they recognize the benefits of V2X communications. But as institutions, these companies are reluctant to add cost to the car without a perceived customer demand," commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden. "Now that the spectrum and the radio standards are being rationalized, we see adoption ramping up steadily from 2022 through 2031."  

According to the report, China will take the lead, though the Chinese government chose not to shift to 5G V2V in the short term, indicating a desire to begin adoption with LTE. The United States will follow, with Ford most likely to lead and competitive pressure becoming contagious to other OEMs.

"Our models show a somewhat fragmented market today, but one that will gather momentum over the next few years as adoption becomes more viable. We’ve been tracking the development of automotive V2X applications for more than 15 years, and while the market has been slow to develop, the industry is pushing past the obstacles that have held back growth," commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden.

This report includes 10 detailed charts and diagrams that illustrate the breakdown of Cellular V2X over the next five years.

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