The Preservation of Air Force One – Expert Team Trained by World-Famous Detailer, Renny Doyle, to Assist in Detailing Efforts at Seattle’s Museum of Flight

SEATTLE, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Detailing Success, Renny Doyle, and The Detail Mafia announced they had again been invited to assist the Seattle Museum of Flight with cleaning and preserving a special part of the museum’s unique collection. The collection features five important historic airplanes, including a retired model of the iconic Boeing VC-137B – Air Force One – which serves as the crown jewel of the exhibit. 

For nearly two decades, Doyle’s expert detailers have kept these planes in pristine condition, pausing the yearly detailing cycle only once due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020. This year, the tradition continues with another carefully selected team from The Detail Mafia who continues the work of keeping these American aviation treasures safe from the ravages of time.

"We are excited and proud to begin this project," said Renny Doyle. "It is a task that must be repeated every year, to keep the planes in top shape, and we’ve learned from experience that using a smaller, elite group of 20–30 detailers is ideal. We always bring an unmatched team camaraderie, and that is especially true with the Air Force One detailers, who are all volunteers. They do this work on their own time because they feel it is their patriotic duty."

Detailing Success: Preserving American History at The Museum of Flight

The full project is scheduled for July 11–16, 2022, and includes the detailing and preservation of:

  • Boeing VC-137B "Air Force One"
  • Boeing B-29 Superfortress "T-Square 54"
  • Concorde G-BOAG "Alpha Golf"
  • Boeing 727 "Serial No. 001"
  • Lockheed 1049G Super Constellation "Connie"

"Our team is always highly dedicated," said Doyle. "But I can’t stress enough the importance of using the right professional-grade products and equipment. Product support from our sponsors is also crucial to keeping these planes in top shape: P&S Double Black Detail Products, Flex, Buff and Shine Mfg., The Rag Company, RoadFS by Zenware, Dynabrade, Grit Guard, IK Sprayers, Angelwax, Autofiber, Urable, Dr. ColorChip, IGL Coatings, Autogeek, RaggTopp, and others!"

About The Detail Mafia

The Detail Mafia is a family made up of the most prestigious and skilled professional detailers in the world. Committed to improving the businesses and lives of its members through support, mentoring, continued education, industry outreach, and volunteer community projects, every member of the Detail Mafia has been personally trained by Renny Doyle. And each has had to prove their skills, achieving the designation of "Made-Men" or "Made-Women," to become a member.

About Detailing Success

Detailing Success was founded by husband-and-wife team, Renny and Diane Doyle, after multiple requests by those who wanted to learn a higher level of detailing skill. A Master Detailer with over three decades of experience, Renny’s work includes the cleaning and preservation of rare automobiles, private/corporate jets, and historical artifacts found in museums, like the retired model of Air Force One currently housed in the Seattle Museum of Flight.

Training expert detailers in highly advanced techniques, Renny instills a level of world class skill and detailing artistry that has made him and his students industry legends. To date, Renny has trained over 400 detailers across the globe, with a select few who went on to become part of the elite Detail Mafia. Learn more at:

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