The New American Leader: How This $1B Tech Disruptor Is Removing Roadblocks for Corporate Women

Global Marketing Exec Helps Corporate Leadership Accelerate Results

DEARBORN, Mich., June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ‘How to advance in technology?’ and ‘How can women advance into a more senior role?’ are the questions leaders in corporate America ask Sondra Sutton Phung. Why Sutton Phung? Because she led a team that delivered over $1B of profit for Ford Motor Company’s iconic SUV portfolio. Recently named Marketing General Manager for Electric Vehicles, she leveraged her STEM & HBCU education to create her transformational, data-driven marketing approach. Her perspective impacts millions in the Automotive Tech Industry. Sutton Phung is reducing the learning curve and sharing how leaders can accelerate their results. Instead of hoarding this knowledge during the Great Resignation/Great Reevaluation/Great Gas Inflation, she’s sharing C-Suite secrets through speaking engagements, her LinkedIn social account, and establishing company mentoring programs.

According to McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace Report, women make up 24% of C-suite positions, and women of color hold just 4%; Sutton Phung is leading by example in changing those statistics. "Climbing the corporate ladder in large organizations is achievable, though not for everyone. It’s OK not to want it all. But if you want it all, you have to work every day with intentionality to set yourself apart from everyone else. Secure a well-respected advocate‚Ķ.very different from a mentor. Advocates must believe in you enough to break down barriers that will inevitably exist in a large corporation," said Sutton Phung.

Giving leaders clarity through once bottlenecked topics, Sutton Phung is sharing insights on:

  • Emerging Customer Trends and the Future of Work In a COVID-19 Marketplace
  • The importance of women climbing the corporate ladder
  • People of Color in Automotive Tech
  • Advocacy vs. Mentorship

‘Disrupting through technology’ is how Sutton Phung continues building momentum, leading and lifting in the process. Leading both brand and product marketing initiatives for Electric Vehicles has never been more relevant than now as people seek to offset high gas prices and live more sustainably. Sutton Phung is filling leadership gaps with speaking engagements so leaders get the best out of their team.

Global Chief Product Marketer, Tech Disruptor; Mom; Electric Vehicle Expert, HBCU grad, and DEI Tech Advocate are some of the titles used to describe Sutton Phung, who grew up in a rural farming community in South Georgia. To manage a product portfolio for a Fortune 20 Company, checking the boxes of global impact off her list, and assisting leaders in seeing that women can lead well when given a chance, is something Sutton Phung credits to her advocates and HBCU education.

"Being a servant leader is how I show up to my team. I strive to share power with my team, recognizing that no task completed is the result of one person. I don’t mind going in to help. I’ll roll up my sleeves and get to the finish line as a team. Additionally, giving my team what they need to thrive at work (hybrid work schedule, training, etc.) has paid dividends in employee satisfaction," said Sutton Phung.

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