The LUXE Group at Oceans Luxury Realty: There Will be Only One Winner of the 2022 Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Race and Only One Lucky Person to Own the Ocean House

Located in Ormond Beach where speed racing was born, the Root Ocean House is a trophy of its own. Rare, award-winning, one-of-a-kind is a modern treasure created by renowned architects for a famous family. 


ORMOND BEACH, Fla., Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 Coca-Cola Zero Sugar race will take place on August 27 and fans are already filling the town.  Iconic Daytona International Speedway, the World Center of Racing is located 10 miles from the house built by Chapman Root II.  The Root family are the inventors of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, the original owners of the Coca-Cola bottling as well as distribution companies. They were heavily involved in racing and sponsored multiple racing teams.  When Chapman Root II built the Ocean House, he had a supercar showroom created at the courtyard of the house.  Unique cars were proudly displayed as trophies typically are.

The bigger trophy is the house itself; a collector’s item for those who want to have it all. The architecture is all about daring the physics and pushing the limits. To paraphrase the Internal Design magazine, you understand this house and its ingenious design once you enter and look across the bridge… you see the ocean through its massive glass and have a feeling of infinite space and weightlessness.

Closed to the public, very few have seen this house.  Now the affluent connoisseurs are racing to be the highest bidders.  NASCAR fans will be able to watch the exciting conclusion to the regular season by purchasing tickets starting at $48.  The wealthy aficionados of unique homes will need to bring at least $6.38M USD for the privilege of calling this trophy house their own.  

Created to balance the private and entertaining lifestyle of the Root family, it has significant number of artifacts that tie it to the family’s glass company. Internationally renowned team of architects spared no expense on this budgetless creation. This work-of-art has massive glass walls, interior bridges, extraordinary metals, exotic wood with design that allows one to experience the surrounding sky, beach and ocean.

William Morgan, master of minimalist architecture with a degree from Harvard, brilliantly designed a structural masterpiece that connects the outer and the inner, the public and the private, the entertaining and the relaxing. The groundbreaking interior was designed by Wayne Berg, professor of modern architecture at Columbia.  With systems of screens and pivot panels, he united the internal space and the exterior structure. As you experience the view of the sky and the ocean through the metal structure and the glass wall, you then understand the innovation of both architects.

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