The Advanced Vehicle PatentBook™ Defines 21st Century Patent Licensing

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The PatentBooks, Inc. team from Colorado Springs, Colorado is excited to announce the Advanced Vehicle PatentBook (AVPB), the world’s first PatentBook.

PatentBooks are the world’s most efficient patent licensing platform, providing patent owners and users the ability to license and profit from autonomous and electric vehicle patents.

In two recent Nokia-Daimler German patent litigations, German courts twice awarded Nokia damages of €1B. The subsequent settlement between Nokia and Daimler for an "undisclosed amount," probably less than €2B, only pays for a Daimler license to a handful of Nokia patents. Daimler could have comprehensively licensed the entire industry’s patents by Subscribing to the AVPB for 25 basis points of their applicable revenue, or a few hundred million euros instead!  Volkswagen/Audi could also have benefited greatly from the AVPB in their patent litigation defense versus Broadcom in 2018.

The Advanced Vehicle PatentBook opened in April 2021. Tens of thousands of patents Published to the Advanced Vehicle PatentBook are available for Subscribers to license with a single click. These Published patents already include such diverse technologies as metallurgical treatment of disc brakes, airfoils, and memory error correction in autonomous and/or electric vehicles.

In the Advanced Vehicle industry, the success and safety of the final products is vital. The disc brake patents increase disc brake life 5x. Memory error correction is critical. Airfoils that increase the efficiency of vehicles slicing through air improve both fuel economy and vehicle range.  

Subscribers easily license these, and all the other patents Published in the AVPB, for use in the electric and autonomous vehicles. According to PatentBooks’ Founder and CEO, Art Nutter, "The Advanced Vehicle PatentBook revolutionizes the way both patent owners and patent users license patents, allowing them to innovate and profit easily and predictably. The PatentBook way of comprehensively licensing all relevant patents affords innovators the ability to easily and economically purchase Freedom to Operate, reducing and/or eliminating ridiculously expensive and distracting patent litigation. PatentBooks are better, faster, and less expensive than old-school patent licensing/litigation with lawyers, experts, and protracted negotiations, consuming decades worth of time and money, and incurring massive time-to-market delays."

As the AVPB continues to grow, patent users can easily Subscribe to the PatentBook to license all the patents necessary for their products, enabling them to get to market faster for a predictable price, similar to their water or electric utility bills, to make lasting innovations in advanced vehicles. In addition, AVPB Publishers will earn the revenue they deserve from Subscribers licensing their patents, opening the door to also licensing patent-related trade secrets, know-how, and other intellectual properties.

About PatentBooks
PatentBooks is a revolutionary, simplified, convenient patent licensing platform for both patent owners and patent users. The Advanced Vehicle PatentBook was specifically created for the autonomous and electric vehicle industry to ensure that all the needed patents are readily available and easily licensed — helping patent users avoid costly and damaging patent litigation cases that can set them back in many ways. 

In addition to the AVPB, the PatentBooks team has been working tirelessly to open a number of other PatentBooks, including the Clean Energy PatentBook, Cloud Computing PatentBook, Infectious Disease PatentBook, and the Internet of Things (IoT) PatenBook. Visit today to discover more about these PatentBooks, and our mission as the world’s first and most efficient patent licensing solution.

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Phone: (647) 216-6674

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