Technician Find Sponsors Brakes for Breasts on Remarkable Results Radio Podcast

Christopher T. Lawson, Founder of Technician Find Hopes to Encourage Additional Auto Repair Shops to Participate in the Brakes for Breasts Program in 2023

OCEANSIDE, Calif., July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Technician Find Founder Christopher T. Lawson proudly sponsored the recent Brakes for Breasts podcast on Remarkable Results Radio with Carm Capriotto, AAP. The episode recapped a donation of $200,000 made by Brakes for Breasts to the Cleveland Clinic for breast cancer vaccine research. The episode featured Brakes for Breasts Co-Founders Leigh Anne Best and Laura Frank, along with Dr. Justin Johnson who is helming clinical trials for a breast cancer vaccine at the Cleveland Clinic.

“It was my honor to sponsor this podcast, as Technician Find was formed to help independent auto repair shops recruit talented, motivated, and skilled auto repair technicians. The Brakes for Breasts initiative is in its 13th year, and since that time, independent auto repair shops nationwide have raised almost $2 million for breast cancer vaccine research. Since the program was launched in 2011, it has grown from just five auto repair shops participating to more than 100 auto repair shops taking part every year,” Lawson explained.

The Brakes for Breasts Program aims to “Put the Brakes on Breast Cancer,” and does so by providing customers with free brake pads during the month of October. The customer is only responsible for labor and other parts at participating auto repair shops. Each participating shop donates 10% of the total cost to the Cleveland Clinic.

According to Lawson, it was also important to sponsor the feature to encourage additional independent auto repair shops to sign up for this year’s program, which begins October 1, 2023.

“Virtually everyone will be impacted by breast cancer at some point. The statistics are sobering, with roughly one in eight women receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer during her life. This initiative is all about searching for ways to keep women safe and healthy. As a bonus, it also helps keep drivers safe, as replacing brake pads is necessary to ensure you always have sufficient braking power. So this is a win-win initiative for everyone involved,” Lawson added.

According to Dr. Johnson, “We’ve been working on this vaccine for some time—15 or 20 years. Believe it or not, we had trouble getting funding for the vaccine. Leigh Anne and Laura’s program really helped us through those times. Without the two of them, and everyone they have motivated with this program, there wouldn’t be a breast cancer vaccine trial going on right now.”

Leigh Anne Best added, “It’s important to note that 100% of every single penny ever raised has gone directly to The Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Program, a true grass roots effort. Laura Frank and I are simply two industry volunteers with a literal budget of zero, uniting the hands of independent auto repair shops across the USA and Canada to join hands in putting the brakes on breast cancer.”

The Remarkable Results Radio podcast sponsored by Technician Find, featuring the Brakes for Breasts Co-Founders Legh Ann Best and Laura Frank, and Dr. Justin Johnson is available in its entirety on the Technician Find Website.

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