Technician Find Shares New Hiring Strategy for Finding Automotive Technicians

Carm Capriotto, host of Remarkable Results Radio Podcast features guest Christopher T. Lawson, Founder and CEO of Technician Find for discussion on unique approaches for finding automotive technicians in today’s extremely competitive market

OCEANSIDE, Calif., Dec. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Technician Find CEO Christopher T. Lawson recently appeared as a guest on the Aftermarket Radio Network’s Remarkable Results Radio podcast, hosted by Carm Capriotto, AAP. In the episode, Lawson and Capriotto discussed the extreme challenge facing independent auto repair shop owners and unique approaches that work in today’s market to find and hire automotive technicians for their shops.

Lawson was invited on the podcast due to his expertise in helping auto repair shops to recruit top talent, amid the ongoing labor shortage.  According to Lawson, “Independent shops from coast to coast continue to struggle to stand out among the masses. I’ve never seen a more challenging labor market for repair shop owners. They are frustrated, and fearful of the future because it seems like finding automotive technicians is on par with climbing Mount Everest these days. But it’s not impossible. It just takes time and a different mindset that occasionally requires stepping outside of your comfort zone.”

Lawson provided proven strategies that can help shop owners to fill those mechanic for hire jobs, with practical information, including:

  • Ways to polish the auto repair shop’s online presence to attract high-culture hires.
  • How owners and their staff can monitor and control the online narrative about their shop.
  • How to strategically use features and benefits in mechanic for hire ads to attract talented techs.
  • Where shop owners need to be searching to find experienced auto techs online.
  • The importance of passive recruiting strategies and how to launch a simple social media campaign

Lawson’s appearance on the Remarkable Results Radio podcast is just the latest in a series of media appearances. In October 2022, he served as a guest expert on the Business by the Numbers with Hunt Demarest, CPA/ABV podcast. Previously, he’d been a guest on The Quick Lube Expert Podcast, hosted by M. Kevin Davis

“It’s tough out there for independent shops. But running a successful independent auto repair shop has always presented challenges. After all, you’re competing against the national franchises and the dealerships. It just so happens that the biggest challenge today is finding automotive technicians who are open to changing employers. But I know that they are out there because my team at Technician Find helps shops staff these positions every day. It just requires a whole lot of data-driven strategy.”

Continuing Lawson said, “so my message to all independent shop owners who are struggling, is to reach out and get help. There are countless free online trainings, free on-demand podcasts, and so much more that can help you to attract the top talent you need. If you’re already stretched too thin, work with a company that has a proven track record of filling open mechanic positions. After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you have a fully staffed shop full of talented techs.”

Remarkable Results Radio podcast episode 803 featuring Lawson is available in its entirety online.

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