Technician Find Founder Christopher T. Lawson Appears on Business by the Numbers Podcast

Christopher T. Lawson, Founder of Technician Find shared best practices for automotive repair shop hiring, including tips for attracting, recruiting, and retaining qualified auto mechanics

OCEANSIDE, Calif., Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Technician Find Founder Christopher T. Lawson, spoke directly to independent automotive repair shop owners during a recent podcast appearance on Business by the Numbers with Hunt Demarest, CPA/ABV (part of the Aftermarket Radio Network). Lawson was invited to share some of the most successful strategies he employs to help repair shop owners hire a mechanic, through Technician Find, the company he launched in 2018.

“Automotive technician recruiting continues to challenge independent auto repair shop owners. The main problem isn’t finding automotive technicians, the struggle lies in making a compelling case for them to join your repair shop rather than a dealer, or your competitor’s shop,” Lawson said.

To that end, Lawson spoke with Demarest about topics ranging from:

  • How an independent automotive repair shop can differentiate itself from others
  • How to create ads that will attract top talent
  • How to go about finding automotive technicians that aren’t actively looking for a new position
  • The mistakes made during interviews that sabotage your efforts to hire a mechanic (and how to fix them)
  • How repair shops can find and retain young generations of mechanics
  • Reasons promising hires back out, after receiving an offer (and how to reduce the odds of this happening)

“When shop owners cannot staff their businesses, it creates a domino effect. Customer repairs are delayed, customers are less satisfied, morale among the team plummets, and that’s in addition to the loss of profits. It’s a real issue that independent automotive repair shop owners struggle to control. It’s what inspired me to launch Technician Find,” Lawson said.

“Fortunately, there are solutions. No shop needs to lose money or sacrifice the customer experience because they can’t hire a mechanic. However, unless shop owners have a lot of time to devote to finding automotive technicians, they are going to need help. The labor shortage across the nation has certainly not made automotive technician recruiting any easier,” Lawson added.

Technician Find provides technician recruiting and on-demand courses that help independent automotive and diesel repair shops find good technicians, using proprietary research Lawson and his team compiled over more than five years.

“We help shop owners to attract the talent they need to grow. As a small business owner myself, I can confirm that helping other small businesses to not only survive, but thrive is extraordinarily rewarding,” Lawson said.

Lawson’s appearance on episode 36 originally aired on October 20, 2022. The podcast episode featuring Lawson is available in its entirety online.

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