SparkCharge Expands Mobile EV Charging Fleet Service Nationwide

The mobile Charging as a Service solution provides immediate charging access for businesses utilizing electric vehicles

SOMERVILLE, Mass., March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SparkCharge, the first company to create a mobile EV charging system and network, today announced its new Charging as a Service (CaaS) option, SparkCharge Fleet, is now available nationwide to offer immediate charging access for businesses utilizing electric vehicles.

According to the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks, transportation accounted for the largest portion (27%), of total U.S. Greenhouse Gas emissions in 2020. Businesses are more aware of the need for more sustainable operations – organizations and companies like USPS, Domino’s Pizza, DHL and more have already rolled out electric fleets. As businesses incorporate electric vehicles into their fleets, they can benefit from SparkCharge Fleet as they continue to build toward more sustainable mobility.

“SparkCharge Fleet is a solution that takes the guess work out of charging infrastructure and makes managing all aspects of EV fleet charging effortless,” said Josh Aviv, founder and CEO of SparkCharge. “Fleet customers can have their vehicles charged without the need for expensive infrastructure that takes two to five years to install. With transformer and chip shortages, SparkCharge Fleet provides an immediate solution to charging needs.”

SparkCharge has created a cost-effective charging service by bundling CapEx, OpEx and energy costs into a fixed rate, enabling fleet operators to forecast and manage costs long-term.

Fleet operators can take advantage of SparkCharge’s Charge Management System, one easy-to-use platform to schedule charges, view the state of charges and access data insights, providing a bird’s eye view of their operations. Once a request is made using the Charge Management System, SparkCharge delivery technicians arrive in their all-electric delivery vehicles and charge the vehicles, providing a turnkey EV charging solution without any loss of space, installation costs, grid updates or construction.

SparkCharge’s fleet charging service is an end-to-end solution that has also helped companies completely replace fixed infrastructure. With an update due out later this year, SparkCharge will be expanding its hybrid charging station system for fleets. The hybrid charging station, which was unveiled last year during SparkDay, allows customers to deploy a fixed battery powered and grid-free DC fast charging station. This charging solution requires no trenching, digging, cabling or construction meaning it can be deployed almost instantly.

“Traditional stationary chargers are not reliable as they only provide up-times of 50% – 60% compared to SparkCharge’s 99.9%,” Aviv added. “We are not tied to the grid and can reliably ensure we can deliver charging to customers wherever and whenever they need it, nationwide.”

SparkCharge Fleet can be up and running in as little as two weeks in any city within the United States. Businesses looking to use SparkCharge Fleet can visit the SparkCharge website to complete their requests. Once SparkCharge Fleet becomes available in a new city, consumers will eventually have access to CaaS as well, which is available through SparkCharge’s mobile app, Currently.

SparkCharge also offers Out of Charge (OOC), a commercial electric vehicle charging service that allows fleet operators to request on-demand EV charging when a vehicle is low or out of range. With OOC, SparkCharge technicians deliver between 25-50 miles of range so the vehicle can make it to its destination, saving the fleet operator and drive the hassle, time and cost of calling a flatbed tow truck.

Visit YouTube to learn more about SparkCharge Fleet.

SparkCharge has created the world’s largest mobile electric vehicle charging network. This network is now a reality due to three key factors: hardware, software, and brilliant customers. The Roadie Charging System is a portable, powerful, modular charging solution that makes DC fast charging possible anywhere regardless of infrastructure. The app and EV power delivery service Currently allows EV drivers to have their EV charged wherever and whenever they want. To learn more about SparkCharge go to:

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