Rolling Ahead into a Greener Future: Global Air Cylinder Wheels Provides Innovative Range-Extending Air Suspension Wheel (ASW) for Tesla and Nikola Tractors and All Trucking Trailers

In his latest academic paper, the Phoenix-based company’s President and CEO Dr. Zoltan Kemeny explored the details and benefits of the ASW that delivers a cleaner, cost-effective, stronger, safer alternative that is up to 60% more economical over the wheel’s lifetime than highly pollutive rubber

PHOENIX, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In helping drive the move toward a greener future, Global Air Cylinder Wheels’, ( ), innovative wheel technology, Air Suspension Wheel (ASW), can extend the range of electric vehicles by as much as 8-12 percent for Tesla and Nikola tractors and all trucking trailers.

Think of it as the wheel of the future meets the future of transportation.

Dr. Zoltan Kemeny, president and CEO of Global Air Cylinder Wheels®, explored the details and benefits of the ASW in his latest academic paper titled, “GACW offers Innovative Range Extending Air Suspension Wheel (ASW) for Tesla and NikolaTractors and for All Trucking Trailers.” 

You can read his paper here:

Manufactured mostly out of steel, the Air Suspension Wheel is eco-friendly, stronger, and safer than the highly pollutive traditional rubber tire and is up to 60% more economical over the lifetime of the wheel.

“Since the ASW is particularly beneficial to the tractors of the semi-trucks, Tesla and Nikola could benefit the most from its adaptation. No other wheel can save battery life and extend driving range,” said Kemeny.

The U.S. has a goal of a 50% EV market share by 2030, while Europe has proposed an all-out ban on fossil fuel cars by 2035 as California and New York have done.

GACW’s ASW technology can offer EVs lower rolling resistance leading to extended battery range.

Some companies, including Tesla, have hinted in recent years at possibly moving toward airless tires, but none has yet delivered on that promise.

GACW is seeking an OEM partner that can develop the ASW technology specifically for cars, buses, and trucks (semis).

A summary of the intriguing benefits of the ASW as highlighted in Kemeny’s paper includes:

  • Saves fuel or EV battery power (extends range) by 8-12%.
  • Long-lasting airless mechanical safety wheel.
  • No flat tires. No size limits. No speed limits.
  • Cut, spike, riot, and sabotage resistant.
  • Self-aligning, needs no tire rotation.
  • Replaces consumable tire rim with capital asset wheel.
  • Replaceable polyurethane/rubber cast/pre-molded tread.
  • Saves on drivetrain maintenance by 13-17%.
  • 100% recyclable, environment-friendly.
  • Reduces CO2 and NOx by 8-12% and eliminates the use of Black Carbon.
  • Dual size (double-wide or super-single) ASW savings of 12-16% fuel will be possible.

The ASW technology has a strong patent portfolio with nine granted, and with 52 patents pending.

Encouraged by the results of its previous $3.3 million crowdfunding campaign, the company has relaunched its StartEngine campaign —  — to further evolve its ASW technology. The independent investment research website KingsCrowd, (, recently recommended the GACW StartEngine investment as a top deal – its highest rating possible. The current StartEngine crowdfunding campaign, which ends later this month, has raised more than $496,000 to date.

Overall, the company has raised more than $5.5 million from investors so far and the company’s valuation has increased from $27 million to $40 million since May 2022.

The company has teamed up with experts in the field of suspension, steel manufacturing, cylinders, and treads, and features more than 200 years of combined engineering experience.


Global Air Cylinder Wheels®️ is an engineering company out of Phoenix, Arizona.

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