Ravelco Midwest Making Strides in Stopping Auto-Theft in Its Tracks with the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device

INDEPENDENCE, Mo., Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ravelco Midwest LLC, the exclusive Distributor of Ravelco for Kansas and Missouri, this week announced the launch of their new website for the sale of the renown Ravelco Vehicle Anti-Theft Device. The Ravelco is a patented vehicle anti-theft device with over 6,000,000 sold worldwide and a track record of over 46 years and is starting to take the Midwest by storm.   

The Ravelco (pronounced Ruh-vel-co) Anti-Theft Device is recognized as a simple to use, yet extremely effective, solution in stopping theft of cars, trucks, classic autos, big rigs, heavy equipment, and motorsports – any vehicle that has an ignition system.     

The RAVELCO Anti-Theft Device is superior to all the other vehicle alarms systems and anti-theft devices. There is NO RFID key fob to be hacked and NO GPS signals to scramble. The Ravelco Device consists of a removable 16-PIN male plug which makes all the electronic connections to 16-PIN female base. When the plug is removed from the base, it is impossible to start the vehicle.  Each Ravelco Device has over 100,000 different combinations with NO master plugs. No bells or whistles… Just Results!

A properly installed Ravelco will give you a real sense of security knowing when you leave your vehicle parked it will be there in the morning. As for alarms that use computerized chips, thieves have tapped in to technology that can bypass most of these types of anti-theft devices. Why leave anything to chance? Protect your investment and install a Ravelco.

“Ravelco Midwest is a family-owned business that started by circumstance. I made a significant effort to research the best anti-theft device after the theft of my Ford F250 Diesel in 2021 by a team of auto thieves using a RFID Hack, knowing that some of the most popular car alarm systems do not stop a vehicle from being stolen. My research led me to Ravelco and I was completely fascinated on its effectiveness and no defeats,” stated Mr. Timothy Bennett, co-owner, and Managing Director of Field Operations. Mr. Bennett continued, “I lost a significant amount of money in vehicle upgrades that my insurance company would not pay, therefore to protect my future investment, Ravelco was the one and only choice for my family.”  

A personal vehicle is the second most expensive asset owned and the financial impact of an auto-theft is much more than just paying an insurance premium. Ravelco Midwest wants this device to be available to anyone seeking to protect their asset and to do this we have multiple payment platforms on our website to meet our consumer’s needs.    

For more information about the Ravelco device, please visit https://www.ravelcomidwest.com.   

For auto dealerships, aftermarket and upfitters businesses interested in becoming Dealer/Installers, please call or send us an email to find out how to add Ravelco to your product line card.

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