Rapid Recon Study Parses Out New Information on EV Reconditioning

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A recent study from Rapid Recon looks at electric vehicles and the challenges the technology brings to auto dealerships hoping to profit from reconditioning used EVs for resale.

The study “Used EV Reconditioning Implications for Auto Dealers” reports the field of EV reconditioning to be sparsely explored. Yet, this research brings forth several general considerations, observations, and theoretical questions only time and experience may make clear.

Aside from the physical aspects of reconditioning EV-powered vehicles, the report suggests auto dealers selling used EVs will need to be equipped with more exhaustive details about these cars to satisfy inquisitive and cautious buyers.

The complete study is available by download here (https://www.rapidrecon.com/resources/resources-used-ev-reconditioning-implications-for-auto-dealers-whitepaper).

“Used EV shoppers will be clamoring for more detailed information about these cars’ reliability, performance, and long-range value. Auto dealers want to be able to provide that information to their consumers as flawlessly for EVs as they do for ICE vehicles,” said Dennis McGinn, founder and CEO of reconditioning software company Rapid Recon.

“The vehicle reconditioning report can be one of the most essential tools for a sales team to deploy. It will show whether fundamental EV apparatuses such as batteries, brakes, tires, and propulsion system components have been replaced. It will give salespeople valuable insights into why these fixes were made. It will also provide customers with needed information to increase their comfort level with their vehicle’s value.”

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Speed-to-sale efficiency is everything in vehicle reconditioning and inventory management. Fast reconditioning reduces inventory depreciation waste and prepares vehicles for reselling more quickly so those deflating assets can be converted to cash flow most expediently.

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