Rapid Recon Bridging Broadens Group Dealerships’ ‘Economies of Scale’

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bridging, a reconditioning management and communications technology from Rapid Recon, “brings new economies of scale” to group enterprises managing and operating multiple car dealerships, said John Canales, Senior Vice President of Sales for reconditioning software and services company Rapid Recon.

With Bridging, Rapid Recon seamlessly integrates all the group’s stores with a centralized reconditioning facility. The store levels manage only their respective vehicles at the recon center. The reconditioning center mirrors the Rapid Recon user features at store levels and manages all stores’ reconditioning workflows.

“As automobile dealers look to refine efficiencies throughout their organizations, many who are part of a group are considering this new strategic approach. With Rapid Recon Bridging, dealers can easily maintain control and provide accountability at each store,” Canales said, “so group enterprises can now control inventory, manage reconditioning workflow to three to five days to reduce holding and get cars sold sooner.”

Rapid Recon is now part of Vehlo, a fixed ops experience suite of five technology solutions designed to bring simplicity, performance, and revenue enhancement to dealership customer pay and internal service departments.

Rapid Recon Bridging is ideal for multiple stores that could benefit from bridging individual store reconditioning decisions and management into execution by a shared central recon center. The bridged recon center mirrors each store’s user features and manages vehicles from all stores in one centralized system.

  • Automated direct communications between the reconditioning facility and each store’s unique decisionmakers
  • Seamless integration between stores
  • Mirrored workflow at each unique store level for tracking the progress of their vehicles at the reconditioning facility
  • Group-level vendor management from where vendors manage all the group’s vehicles all in one app
  • See more enhancements to improve business results in our new Buyer’s Guide.

Rapid Recon reconditioning and communications workflow software help auto dealers achieve and maintain long-term success. Through dealers’ application of the Rapid Recon Key Performance Indicator time to line (T2L®), Rapid Recon people, processes, and software steer continuous improvement efficiencies and performance gains throughout the auto dealership. To learn more, visit Rapid Recon.com.

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