Rapid Recon Adds VinTel Vehicle Diagnostic Reports Integration for Mutual Customers

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rapid Recon®, the originator of reconditioning time-to-line (T2L™) software for automobile dealerships, announced today a Certified Partner integration with VinTel® by VinLogx.

VinTel will now provide Rapid Recon users VinTel vehicle diagnostic status reports through Rapid Recon. Dealers purchasing vehicles from participating auctions that use VinTel will also benefit.

VinTel offers real-time standardized automotive diagnostic reports (graphic Diagnostic Status Report, attached) covering critical vehicle health. This data provides diagnostics, emissions, reset details, and repair cost guides.

Through Rapid Recon, these details are printable to a dealer-branded report. Rapid Recon users will find VinTel icons on their Rapid Recon Vehicle Details View (Graphic showing color-code tiles, attached). This color-coded icon identifies VinTel report availability for that vehicle and its condition. A click on these color codes pulls up available vehicle condition details.

  • Green: Report available. The vehicle has no mechanical exceptions.

  • Yellow: Report available. The vehicle has minor mechanical exceptions.

  • Red: Report available. The vehicle has significant mechanical exceptions.

  • Gray: Report not available for the VIN.

“Now Rapid Recon users have deeper OEM-level vehicle diagnostic data shown in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Now dealers can quickly decide how they want to recondition a vehicle. The VinTel report gives insight into vehicle details, potential reconditioning costs, and expertise required for reconditioning tasks. An example would be damaged ADAS sensors in bumpers so painters can properly understand reconditioning details. After the fact, the reconditioning tasks can be instantly verified as being properly completed,” said Keith McCord, chief executive officer for VinLogx.

“VinTel brings the value of deep, vehicle-specific details to help our dealers make more informed decisions about reconditioning options. We are exceptionally grateful to have them join us as a Certified Partner,” said Dennis McGinn, founder, and chief executive officer for Rapid Recon. “With VinTel vehicle diagnostics now available for our customers directly through Rapid Recon, informed reconditioning decisions take another step forward.”

For more information, see your Rapid Recon performance manager or visit Certified Partners.

VinLogx’s VinTel ecosystem turns the complex mechanical challenges modern-day vehicles face into easy-to-understand, actionable information presented through the VinTel Diagnostic Status Report (DSR) and through integration pathways into various systems deployed at dealerships, wholesale auctions, and other automotive-related processes. With VinTel, let the car tell its story. www.govintel.com

Rapid Recon reconditioning and communications workflow software help auto dealers achieve and maintain long-term success. Through dealers’ application of the Rapid Recon Key Performance Indicator time to line (T2L®), Rapid Recon people, processes, and software steer continuous improvement efficiencies and performance gains throughout the auto dealership. www.rapidrecon.com.

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