Quantum5 Launches Performance Suite Engagement-Style Training Solution for Automotive Dealerships

The robust training solution uses the psychology of selling and AI-based training to help dealership staff build genuine, long-lasting customer relationships

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quantum5, a leading training company that brings people and technology together for sustained learning and higher profits, has officially launched their Performance Suite. The Suite brings together Quantum5‘s full offering of extensive engagement-style trainings for every touchpoint of the dealership, including sales, service, BDC, phone, and leadership.

The Performance Suite is a unique take on training that ditches outdated techniques such as video-based tutorials and word tracks to focus on meeting each customer’s needs and values through a combination of personal selling skills and AI-powered training. The ultimate goal is to help dealership staff build long-lasting customer relationships.

“Successful managers, salespeople and service advisors understand that the lifetime value of a customer far exceeds the individual sale,” said David O’Brien, President & CEO, Quantum5. “The Performance Suite training is designed to help dealership staff create genuine relationships based on customers’ needs and values over the long haul, with the result being more sales and profit.”

The belief that training has to adapt to people, markets and culture is the starting point of the Performance Suite. To that end, training begins with the science of skills measurement to learn where a person and/or team currently stands in the core selling skills necessary to achieve results. From there, role-specific learning content is broken down into snackable bites and customized to each individual’s learning style.

Distance learning and in-person learning labs provides hands-on examples in the service drive and on the showroom floor. All training is backed-up by live support, including a dedicated Community Manager to coach and support staff on a consistent basis. Staff members also have access to the Quantum5 app where they can follow customized learning journeys in order to solve real customer situations.

The Performance Suite enables staff to master five skills to create amazing customer experiences and bottom-line growth. Through the training, staff will gain the ability to build trusting relationships by understanding the social/buying styles of a prospect. By discovering the needs of a person, the salesperson can show genuine concern for meeting those needs and uncover the needs and motivations that specific customer really cares about. They are then able to transition from “whether” a customer buys to “how” a customer buys and process any concerns in order to create lifetime value with a prospect.

For more information on how the Quantum5 Performance Suite can help your team learn about people, and as a result, create a better customer experience while increasing gross revenue, visit us at NADA booth #6845 or visit https://quantum5.ai/performance-suite-introduction

About Quantum5

Quantum5 helps sales, service, BDC, and leadership teams everywhere ditch the scripts by combining personal selling skills and technology to bring heart back to the transaction. When we treat our staff, customers, and communities as people instead of numbers, we create a strong, profit-driven culture. At Quantum5, we show you how to take the right people and give them the right 5 skills to cultivate the right culture. The result is a powerhouse team that helps guide the customer down the sales funnel in the way that most resonates with them; creating higher profits, increased ROs, lifetime customers, and happier, more-engaged team members. Find out more about our unique take on training at www.Quantum5.ai.  

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