Quantum5 Continues Momentum, Welcomes Joe Kacala as COO

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quantum5, a leading training company that brings people and technology together for sustained learning and higher profits, today appointed Joseph Kacala as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). Kacala joins Quantum5 at a crucial time for the company as they experience tremendous growth due to the success and profits found in their industry-first training programs and related app for sales, service, BDC, phone, and leadership skills.

“I’ve watched and been in admiration of Joe’s successful implementation of operations for large companies like Xtime, Automotive Masterminds, and Polly for a while now and what struck me the most was his commitment to relational excellence in each role,” said David O’Brien, President and CEO of Quantum5. “We are fortunate to be at a time in our organization where our growth is approaching fast and furious and we need a leader who can hit the ground running, but will always remember that relationships are the key to profits. We have found those qualities in Joe and we could not be happier to welcome him to the team.”

Kacala comes to Quantum5 with an impressive roster of automotive technology experience behind him, most recently as the Senior Vice President of Product Development at Polly. In addition to his time at Polly, Kacala has held executive positions with Automotive Mastermind, Xtime, and Cox Automotive, among other leading technology companies in the industry.

His previous roles will pave the way for Kacala to continue Quantum5‘s mission to increase profits and productivity for dealerships through relational selling techniques. Clients like Kenwood Dealer Group report that since participating in Quantum5‘s training, the group’s gross profits have increased by 2.8% and ELR (Effective Labor Rate) has increased by 7.7%. In addition, 54 advisors saw an increase in hours, H/RO, gross profit, or a combination of these categories.

“In automotive, customer retention is no longer just a buzz word but an imperative part of a sustainable business model and Quantum5 is at the forefront of the development,” said Kacala. “I’m excited to join such a forward-thinking team and help bring a new evolution of the ideal customer experience to market.”

For more information on how Quantum5 can help your team learn about people, and as a result, create a better customer experience while increasing gross revenue, please visit www.Quantum5.ai.

About Quantum5

Quantum5 helps sales, service, BDC, and leadership teams everywhere ditch the scripts by combining personal selling skills and technology to bring heart back to the transaction. When we treat our staff, customers, and communities as people instead of numbers, we create a strong, profit-driven culture. At Quantum5, we show you how to take the right people and give them the right 5 skills to cultivate the right culture. The result is a powerhouse team that helps guide the customer down the sales funnel in the way that most resonates with them; creating higher profits, increased ROs, lifetime customers, and happier, more-engaged team members. Find out more about our unique take on training at www.Quantum5.ai.

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