Pioneers in the Automotive and Towing Industries, Tracked Machines North America, Inc. Continues to Impress; Ramps Up for Massive Sales Across North America

A major disruptor in the transporting of broken-down damaged automobiles, Tracked Machines’ TowTrack® and CarMoverXL® offer cutting-edge solutions for vehicle recovery, handling, and towing worldwide.

ATLANTA, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Italian manufacturer Tracked Machines Italia, s.r.l., a world leader in manufacturing innovative equipment, has produced two new high-quality machines for the automotive industry, effortlessly moving disabled vehicles. Making a name for itself across over 40 counties worldwide for its unique, proprietary technology, Tracked Machines Italia has been responsible for releasing the TowTrack®, TowTrackeXL®, and CarMoverXL®, which are now patent-pending in North America.

Tracked Machines is now focusing on increased presence throughout North America by introducing their groundbreaking products – the TowTrack® and the CarMoverXL®. Since its official unveiling in North America, the company has sold its products to multiple top-ranked automobile manufacturers, towing, and vehicle transport companies, which has catapulted Tracked Machines to become recognized as the most technologically advanced towing company in the world.

“After more than 10 years leading the construction industry, Tracked Machines Italia has developed the most advanced automotive technology the world has ever seen, says Nichols Perkins of Tracked Machines North America. “We are thrilled to offer our products throughout North America and continue solving the problems related to moving disabled vehicles.”

Comparing the TowTrack® to the CarMover XL® – What Consumers Need to Know:

The TowTrack® machine is extremely effective, operating on a caterpillar-track system, controlled with a remote control, and autonomously operating underneath disabled vehicles, picking them up by all four wheels and moving them without causing any damage. The machine can slip into tight, cramped areas and low-clearance parking spots with ease. Offered with various options, the TowTrack® is available in two sizes and comes with a V-Twin gas engine or a 3-cylinder diesel engine for the TowTrack XL®. Both provide simple solutions and can operate over any terrain. The TowTrack® also eliminates concern regarding vehicles with low profile ground effects, fragile components, or excessive weight.

The CarMover XL® is the first electric machine designed to pick up vehicles on all four wheels. Operating like a pallet jack, it adjusts the EV’s length and weight with its patent-pending technology. The CarMover LX® can also accommodate hard surfaces and very tight spaces and, since they do not emit exhaust, can conveniently be used indoors in body shops, repair facilities, and warehouses with cement or resin floors. The machine is operated by rechargeable lithium batteries and is very user-friendly. Equally impressive, both the TowTrack® and the CarMover XL® can transport disabled vehicles without the need for keys, vehicle entry, or having to touch the vehicle.

Tracked Machines North America, Inc. will be showcasing the TowTrack® and CarMover XL® at the 2023 SEMA Automotive Show in Las Vegas from October 31 – November 3, 2023. The SEMA SHOW is a premier automotive trade-only event that enables automotive equipment manufacturers to display their innovative products alongside automotive manufacturers.

About Tracked Machines North America Inc.

Based in Atlanta, Tracked Machines North America, Inc. serves as the North American corporate office responsible for the distribution of Tracked Machines equipment. In 2021, Tracked Machines became a global name brand promoting the TowTrack®, TowTrackXL®, and CarMoverXL®. Manufactured in Italy and sold worldwide, the company’s North American machines are built to meet vehicle standards. They come with 1-year, limited defect warranties and 3-year, international warranties for their engines directly from the manufacturer.

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