New Car Air Intake System Increases Power & Saves Gas

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Race Candy Labs, Inc. has recently had its patent accepted for an air intake system that sees great improvements in power and reduction in gas usage. The sophisticated system is built to enable the engine to breathe, giving it the ability to produce more power and run with greater efficiency.

Jeff McKaughan, CEO at Race Candy Labs, told us, “Modding cars are our passion – we’ve been doing it for years. We started Race Candy Labs because we wanted to put the fun back into modding cars, bringing new ideas, technologies, and products to a market crying out for new innovations.”

The car modding space is steeped in history and bound by many traditions. Incredibly, the market vertical itself is worth in excess of $21 billion, making it notoriously difficult for new innovations to be produced and companies to break into the space. With the acceptance of their patent and new prototypes in the pipeline, Race Candy Labs looks to be one of the few who can break the mold.

“It’s a competitive industry, but we do things differently. Our data-driven approach enables us to uncover fresh ideas and develop never-seen-before technologies. Our DNA is to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, and produce parts that improve performance and tackle the ever-growing challenge of emissions and efficiency,” Jeff said.

A Thorough Development & Production Process

Innovative solutions to existing and future problems are what Race Candy Labs is all about. Their product development process is a cycle designed to help them achieve the most profound results.

When discussing product development, Jeff says, “Engineering products that make a drastic difference compared to what’s already available is the goal. We don’t settle for small margins, which is why our testing and development phase is incredibly thorough. From an initial idea, we’ll create a prototype for testing. After every round of testing, we tweak and modify based on the data until the results we desire are achieved.”

Rigorous real-world testing is an integral part of the Race Candy Labs process. Every product they create is proven to withstand the rigors of day-to-day usage by car modding enthusiasts.

The Opportunity to Invest

Since the approval of their patent, and with a desire to develop more ground-breaking car modding products, Jeff and Race Candy Labs are seeking investors to join their journey. With the chance to establish the brand as a big-name player in the industry, it presents a fantastic opportunity for investors to partner, in the early stages, with a brand with astronomical potential.

About Race Candy Labs, Inc.

Race Candy Labs is an aftermarket performance car part company that specializes in creating innovative car modding parts. Their first prototype, an air intake system that increases power and improves efficiency, has recently had a patent approved, confirming the uniqueness of the technology.

Their mission is to bring the fun back into car modding, challenging the history and traditions of the industry. With a data-driven approach, creative thinking, and a readiness to adopt new technologies, they aim to become the most sought-after aftermarket performance part company.

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