New Book Challenges Greenhouse Gas Emissions as the Cause of Climate Change

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, Fla., July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A recent scientific analysis in the just-released BriefBook Oooppps! Climate Change Misconceptions by Edward Rouse Pryor, explains how a several-hundred-year dual-magnetic-wave double-dynamo cycle within the sun that affects the extent of earth’s cloud-cover is the dominant cause of current global warming and climate change. This changing extent of cloud-cover over the earth alters the amount of solar heat reflected away from earth—and thus regulates global surface temperature. Greenhouse gas emissions do have an effect, but it is only trivial.

The original tentative calculation of the climate change physics in 1997—which created so much alarm among environmentalists, and started the anthropogenic (human-induced) global warming and climate change “movement”—was recalculated in 2014 using updated and significantly improved data. This recalculation showed that increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases have only about one-fifth the climate forcing power that was originally calculated in 1997.

This means something other than the changing amount of trace greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has to be the prime cause of the global warming we have been experiencing—and that prime cause obviously is the multi-hundred-year dual-magnetic-wave cycle within the sun that changes the extent of earth cloud-cover and the amount of incoming solar heat reflected away from earth.

There have been about 14 of these solar dual-magnetic-wave caused temperature rises over the last 10,500 years—including not only our present Modern Warm Period (which is about to top-out), but the previous Medieval Warm Period, the Dark ages Warm Period, Roman Warm Period, Minoan Warm Period, and some nine earlier Warm Periods. Thus, these periodic temperature peaks occur, on average, every 750-years or so. The temperature half-cycle from valley-to-peak takes about 375-years.

The depths of the Little-Ice-Age—the beginning of the current Modern Warming cycle—occurred in about the year-1650. Accordingly, the temperature peak of the current cycle should happen about 375-years from then—or about the year-2025. But potentially there is variability in this cycle-length so the current temperature peak could vary somewhat from that date. European (CERN) scientists studying the intensity of solar warming conclude that while global temperature definitely has been rising, the rate-of-warming has been decreasing for the last 20-years and should cause global temperature to peak in the mid-2020s—thus corroborating that the end of the current warming cycle is going to happen very soon.

There is little doubt that global temperature will peak at the end of the current solar-dual-magnetic-wave half-cycle—and global temperature will no longer continue to increase even if greenhouse gas emissions continue,” said energy analyst and author of the Oooppps! book, Edward Rouse Pryor.

One of the most formidable problems with the now-seriously-challenged greenhouse-gas-emissions-are-the-cause-of-global-warming hypothesis has been—if human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are the cause of our current global warming—what caused the previous thirteen similar warming periods over the past 10,500-years, before the human industrial use of fossil fuels began about 250-years ago? Now we know. It was not greenhouse gases causing our current warming—it was the natural repetitive dual-magnetic-wave solar cycle that alters the extent of earth’s cloud-cover and the amount of solar heat reflected away from earth.

Recently, the evidence has become overwhelming that the sun’s changing magnetic field and its influence on earth’s cloud-cover, rather than the human use of fossil fuels, is responsible for current global warming and climate change.

Now, as it becomes more and more certain that fossil fuels and human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are not the cause of global warming and climate change—and there is no need to reduce carbon emissions—we should begin to cast-aside the program of the soon-to-be economically disastrous Wind-and-Solar electric power interim-paradigm; and start planning for a much more orderly transition from the Fossil-Era directly to the Controlled-Thermonuclear-Fusion-Era.

The analysis described here is more thoroughly characterized in the new BriefBook, Oooppps! Climate Change Misconceptions, published by Hanway Hopcott House, and written by Edward Rouse Pryor, an experienced engineering and scientific energy analyst, and author of the acclaimed The Climate Change Illusion, published in 2020.


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