NASCAR Driver Zach Herrin Announces Partnership with Lambda Legal

Following his recent coming out and NASCAR return, Herrin is partnering with the national LGBTQ+ litigation nonprofit.

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NASCAR driver Zach Herrin has announced a partnership with Lambda Legal, the leading national legal organization whose mission is to achieve full recognition of the civil rights of LGBTQ+ people and everyone living with HIV through litigation and public advocacy. As an openly gay NASCAR driver, Herrin is honored to support the important work of Lambda Legal.

“We are so grateful for Zach announcing his partnership with Lambda Legal in Florida, where we are currently fighting against the discriminatory ‘Don’t Say Gay or Trans’ law,” said Kevin Jennings, Lambda Legal CEO. “By drawing attention to the anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination for which Florida is becoming increasingly known, Zach will have a great impact for our community.” 

Herrin has been making waves since recently returning to racing following a 10-year hiatus. He’s making his NASCAR return and Brandt 200 debut as an openly gay man. Herrin has been open about the fact that finding sponsors as an out gay man has been a challenge. He credits the LGBTQ community for giving him support during his 10-year hiatus.

“I am committed to using my platform to make a positive impact on the world. I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with Lambda Legal and their efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable society,” said Herrin. “Lambda Legal fights for justice in the courts and in the court of public opinion. I hope that others will join us in supporting these efforts.”

Lambda Legal this year is celebrating its 50 years fighting for LGBTQ+ people and everyone living with HIV. More information about Lambda Legal’s 50-year journey can be found here. More information about Lambda Legal can be found online at:

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