Motovera Puts Car Owners in the Driver’s Seat

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The used car business has never been more competitive. As demand for used cars continues to rise, one company has found a way to cut out the need for the Carvana’s and Carmax’s of the world.

Motovera is a cutting-edge selling platform that specializes in empowering car owners to sell their vehicles with confidence. The platform was launched over the last year by CEO and founder Bobby Adams. Adams is a third-generation automotive industry expert who proactively shut his own dealership down in mid-2021 to focus on his rapidly growing car-selling platform.

"I saw a need for a change in the automotive industry," Adams explains. The entrepreneur adds that he’s working hard to do exactly that through Motovera.

The platform is an extremely simple, albeit ingenious, way to sell a used car easily and for peak value. All that’s required from a car owner is to put in a few basic vehicle details to get an initial appraisal for their vehicle. The value is calculated using third-party sources, such as J.D. Power and Black Book.

Once they have an appraisal in hand, sellers need to answer a few more questions about the condition of their car and upload photos of the vehicle to their very own client dashboard. And that’s when the magic happens.

At 5 P.M. each day, all of the new vehicles are processed and submitted to a dealer marketplace where vetted car dealerships, both large and small, can submit a buy bid. These are local dealers who can offer additional perks, such as pick-up service or the ability to drive someone home.

After 24 hours, the seller is given all of their bids in a Kayak- or Priceline-style listing. This includes the monetary offers themselves as well as the name of each dealership, its distance from their home, its Google ranking, and even Motovera’s own rating based on the dealer’s past activity on the site.

The seller can then accept the bid of their choosing or opt to relist their car at their own "Buy it now price." Once an offer is accepted, the dealer typically finishes the purchase within another day, with Motovera’s customer service line remaining available at all times to help throughout the remainder of the process.

Motovera puts the power back into the hands of sellers by helping them gain a rapid snapshot of the worth of their vehicle in the eyes of multiple local dealers. It also removes the need for fast-paced, non-negotiable offers, which is common with other car purchasing sites.

The best part is, Motovera sellers keep 100% of their sales, while dealerships pay a small fee of $350 or 1% of the car’s value.

Adams’ vision is to reconnect car owners with nearby dealers in an effort to invigorate local economies. His site helps sellers get the most for their vehicles while also enabling dealerships to restock their lots and establish relationships with local drivers.

Based on the preliminary data, it’s a mission that Motovera is accomplishing in spades as it continues to roll out and serve new customers across the nation.

About Motovera: Motovera is the brainchild of third-generation dealership owner and auto aficionado, Bobby Adams. The CEO and founder incorporated his company in 2020 and launched his car-selling platform in July of the following year in an attempt to streamline the process of selling privately-owned vehicles at top-dollar value. Learn more about Motovera at

Bobby Adams, CEO & Founder

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