LEXIT Launching the First Dawson Racing NFT Drop Announcing at NFT Miami Week

MIAMI, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dawson Racing is announcing the launch of its first NFT (non-fungible token) collection on LEXIT.com at NFT Miami Week today in the Mana Wynwood Convention Center in Miami, Florida. NFT Miami Week is one of the most anticipated NFT conferences this year with a three-day event that includes speakers from the NFT industry to bridge conversations about DeFi (decentralized finance) and blockchain technology, workshops, panels and much more.

Partnering with LEXIT & Cosmic Wire, Dawson Racing is introducing their 10,000 PFP NFT collection that includes unique fan engagement experiences in LEXiLAND, the upcoming metaverse on LEXIT.com. Additionally, at NFT Miami Week, the long-time racing team is offering one of 12 real car parts from the Dawson Racing car with a digital twin for the ultimate VIP experience. Consumers purchasing one of the 12 car parts will have the opportunity to connect to the vast history of Dawson Racing and their current Dawson Racing | D3+Transformers Le Mans Prototype race car, set to compete internationally in 2022, as part of the VIP experience.

"We have been working with LEXIT for months on the Dawson Racing NFT collection," said Simon Dawson, President and VP of Marketing of Dawson Racing. "Creating a twinning offering of real and digital assets has been a fun task to determine what NFT and racing fans might enjoy seeing in this digital world. Pulling together assets for the upcoming Dawson Racing Experience that will be located in LEXIT´s LEXiLAND Metaverse, has opened our eyes to this futuristic, 3D fantasy world with an amazing opportunity to engage with fans and connect socially in a new way. We are so excited to introduce more fans to the world of motorsports and our Web 3.0 presence."

"We at LEXIT are absolutely thrilled to work with Dawson Racing to make their debut into the world of NFTs and Metaverse an exciting one. We are sure that all fans will love the offered NFTs and the perks attached to them. Holders of the NFTs will have special access to the upcoming Dawson Racing Experience that we will enable within our LEXiLAND Metaverse, it is really going to show how entertaining NFTs can be. We partnered with Cosmic Wire to create an immersive Metaverse Experience and can’t wait to kick off this one of a kind NFT and LEXiLAND Metaverse project at the NFT Miami Week. Make sure to come and visit us at the event, there’s lots to see." said LEXIT CEO and Founder Amir Kaltak.

As previously announced, this unique LEXIT NFT drop with Dawson Racing includes both real and virtual assets, creating a revenue stream for the race team as they take a leading role in the pursuit of alternative innovations and technologies in the global energy transition in motorsports towards a more sustainable future. 

The Dawson Racing history goes back to the 1960’s when Team Principal, Ian Dawson, worked in Formula One and through the decades in international sports car racing. His son, Simon, a former professional athlete, joined his father nearly two decades ago in the world of motorsports. With a passion for family friendly entertainment, innovation, and sustainability, the Dawsons bridge the real and virtual worlds with their exciting Dawson Racing NFT offering.

Items of note in the NFT drop, each with a bonus digital twin, include a mixture of key components on the real Dawson Racing car: 2 noses from the real race car, 1 left car side, 1 right car side, 1 rear car wing, 2 wing end plates, 2 car stems, 2 side mirrors and 1 engine cover. Additionally, 10,000 unique Picture For Profile (PFP) AI Generative NFTs are being produced by Cosmic Wire.

Fans can sign-up, create a profile on LEXIT.com and visit the LEXIT & CosmicWire Discord channel for more details and the opportunity to earn a Pre-Mint access at the LEXiLIST here: https://discord.com/invite/vDUnNzy6MU

For more information, please visit: www.dawsonracing.com, www.lexit.com or www.cosmicwire.com.


Dawson Racing is a highly competent manager, owner and operator of an international sports car racing team. Its principals, Ian and Simon Dawson, have over 60 years of experience with factory and private global racing teams including engineering, technology, infrastructure and marketing resources.


LEXIT is a next-generation NFT and DeFi platform that’s going to be fully integrated with its upcoming LEXiLAND Metaverse. LEXiLAND will enable new immersive experiences around NFT Drops and more. Anyone owning Art, Music, Film/Videos, Patents or Technical Inventions, can join and submit a listing for an NFT Launch, collect NFTs, follow/like its favorite creators and have the ability to build their NFT identity with LEXIT. 


Cosmic Wire is an omnichannel development firm that specializes in expanding the value of iconic physical and digital assets using blockchain technologies such as NFTs.

For more information, contact:
Barbara J. Burns, PR/Media Relations 
Dawson Racing 
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