ION Collaborates With World-Class Partners on $40 Million Commercialization Initiative Supported by ARPA-E SCALEUP Program

Saint-Gobain and KLA to Partner with Ion Storage Systems to Dramatically Accelerate Path to Commercialization for ION’s Solid-State Batteries

BELTSVILLE, Md., June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ion Storage Systems (ION), a Maryland-based manufacturer of safe, high-energy density, fast-charging solid-state batteries (SSBs), announced today that it will receive $20 million from the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) as part of a three-year, $40 million partnership with several world-class commercialization partners. ION will collaborate with Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest ceramics, glass and material suppliers and KLA, a leader in semiconductor process and quality control, to dramatically accelerate the commercialization of ION’s high-performing, anodeless SSB. The ARPA-E SCALEUP program will contribute $20 million that will be matched by another $20 million in private funds, bringing the total program size to $40 million.

“ION and our world-class partners have reinvented ceramic membrane manufacturing for high throughput, low cost, and low emissions production of our safe, high energy solid-state battery. We are proud to be working hand-in-hand toward gigawatt-hour production and delivery of a market-leading EV battery solution. ARPA-E’s RANGE program initiated the development of this technology in 2013 and we’re honored to be partnering with them again through SCALEUP to expand the impact of our technology and accelerate electrification of a greener energy economy.” Said Dr. Gregory Hitz, Co-Founder and CTO of ION.

ARPA-E’s SCALEUP (Seeding Critical Advances for Leading Energy Technologies with Untapped Potential) program builds on the agency’s “primary research and development focus to support the scaling of … disruptive new technologies across the full spectrum of energy applications.” ION was one of four companies to secure funding from SCALEUP in 2024 as part of its $63.5 million program budget. According to ARPA-E, the program’s goal is to help ARPA-E-funded technologies transition from proof-of-concept prototypes to commercially scalable and deployable versions of the technology. ARPA-E’s SCALEUP funding and corporate partnerships enable ION to manufacture high performing, EV-scale SSB cells in the US with domestically sourced materials while expanding on what is already among the largest SSB manufacturing facilities in the United States.

“Accelerating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles requires increasing driving range, reducing costs, and improving safety. Ion Storage Systems—through an earlier ARPA-E program—focused on working toward these goals, and now, through SCALEUP, the company will accelerate domestic manufacturing of next generation solid-state, high-power-density lithium-metal batteries, based on ION’s proprietary ceramic electrolyte manufacturing technology,” said Dr. Evelyn N. Wang, ARPA-E Director.

“Electrification is one of the critical grand challenges in the global transformation that the world needs to reduce emissions. At Saint-Gobain Ceramics, together with key innovators, we are excited to engineer a better, safer and greener world,” said Jeffrey T. Mydlarz, Vice President & General Manager Saint-Gobain.

“KLA is pleased to bring industry-leading inspection and metrology equipment and experience to support ION and next-gen battery development,” said Oreste Donzella, Executive Vice President, Electronics, Packaging and Components, KLA Corporation. “We are proud to partner with ION as a key supplier of process solutions to enable efficient ramp-up and enhanced manufacturing success of solid-state batteries. KLA is committed to leveraging the established methodologies and standards from the semi-industry to address the challenges associated with the inflection of next-gen batteries.”

The project will include sustainability-focused cell design and manufacturing milestones, with planned innovations offering the opportunity for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions on the order of tens of thousands of metric tons of CO2 per GWh relative to Li-ion. ION, the only anodeless and compressionless SSB battery to achieve hundreds of cycles, recently opened one of the largest SSB manufacturing facilities in the country and announced a supply agreement with Saint-Gobain in late 2023. In addition to the extensive collaboration with ARPA-E, the company is also working closely with other government agencies on applications related to defense and aerospace.

About ION Storage Systems, Inc.
ION offers a uniquely adaptable solid-state battery solution for a variety of applications including defense and aerospace, consumer, electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage. The product of a materials-science-based approach, ION’s patented solid-state lithium metal technology can offer a battery without cobalt, nickel, and other less sustainable materials offering a variable architecture of revolutionary 3-D, ceramic structure, built with rapidly scalable manufacturing in mind. ION leverages a unique ceramic cell design that supports the use of current and next-gen cathode chemistries, promoting circularity and recycling, avoiding the issues and challenges of mining, and refining rare earth metals.

About Saint-Gobain
Worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and services for the construction and industrial markets. Its integrated solutions for the renovation of public and private buildings, light construction and the decarbonization of construction and industry are developed through a continuous innovation process and provide sustainability and performance. The Group’s commitment is guided by its purpose, “MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME.”

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