Introducing Caresoft Global’s Iceberg Benchmarking System 3.0: Actionable, Data-Driven Insights for Global Automotive Benchmarking

Latest version of Iceberg is a generational leap for Caresoft’s enterprise platform, a new approach to benchmarking that brings the data to life

DETROIT, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Caresoft Global, a global engineering company specializing in automotive benchmarking and engineering solutions, today announced the release of its Iceberg Benchmarking System 3.0, the latest edition of the company’s comprehensive and scalable enterprise platform for accessing and creating teardown data for full vehicles.

Today, auto OEMs are experiencing significant competitive challenges, including inflation and supply chain issues, and the need to reduce costs has never been greater. Therefore benchmarking data has taken on even more significant importance as it can provide actionable insights that will allow OEMs to make informed decisions regarding their product designs based on benchmarking data.

“Our customers have told us that while they can get significant benchmarking data from similar platforms, what they need most are system-level insights of the vehicles studied and recommendations regarding design efficiencies they can incorporate into their vehicles,” said Terry J. Woychowski, President, Caresoft Global. “Data without critical insights will not provide the analytics necessary for OEMs to make sound decisions ensuring that they have optimized their systems and developed the fittest designs achievable. Customers want to be able to understand how the data can help them optimize their products and their businesses. By unlocking the power of focused benchmarking data—and letting companies put those insights to actionable use—the Iceberg Benchmarking System 3.0 stands to make a major impact on R&D and product development programs globally.”

The new Iceberg 3.0 takes data analysis to new heights with its advanced cross-referencing capabilities. Users can access Iceberg Benchmarking System 3.0 and compare data in fine detail, perform analytics, and export information in the format that suits them best. This system represents a significant advancement in data analysis, going beyond just being an upgrade to delivering a paradigm shift in how data is processed and understood.

The latest enhancements in the Iceberg Benchmarking System 3.0 include the following:

  • A fully integrated Analytics Module that provides mass, material, and parts analytics for each vehicle and its configuration. All information in Iceberg is transformed into data points, including the entire electrical data catalog, to facilitate comparisons. Customizable exports allow users to configure the data as they wish and export it as spreadsheets.
  • A new Global System Wide Search, which offers granular insights and searches by vehicles, parts, or documents, as well as searches by materials used or the material subgroup. Standard parts can be viewed or removed, and parts can be cross-referenced across other studies to determine similar parts used in other vehicles.
  • Improved data management, allowing users to access many of the data packages that are organized in a hierarchical structure for better-benchmarking insights.
  • A Similar Parts feature allows users to discover similar parts across the vehicles and compare.
  • Iceberg 3.0 now offers users the ability to measure components with teardown photographs, and an improved online 3D viewer, along with the ability to group vehicle structure by manufacturer or materials, hide standard parts from the structure, cross-reference parts across other advanced studies, and many such feature upgrades have helped users to view the data as they wish.

Over the last few years, Caresoft has redefined conventional ideas about benchmarking, moving away from raw data to provide rich, synthesized insights that have directly influenced R&D, product development, and cost-optimization pursuits for companies worldwide. The Iceberg Benchmarking System 3.0 represents the next evolutionary stage in that project.

About Caresoft Global:
Caresoft Global is a technology-driven engineering solutions company working closely with major automotive, off-highway equipment manufacturers and their suppliers to solve engineering challenges relative to product development, cost optimization, manufacturing, and aftermarket. The company provides award-winning solutions for automotive benchmarking, strategies for cost reduction across the manufacturing value chain, and a host of engineering services spread globally.

Caresoft’s solutions are a combination of innovation, industry knowledge, experience from customer engagements, and specific enablers such as technology platforms, tools, and standards.

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