Insurian Introduces LifeGAP™: A First-of-Its-Kind Protection Plan for the Trucking Industry

Company recently partnered with a major trucking manufacturer to roll the program out nationwide.

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Insurian, the premier debt cancellation provider in the automotive industry, is excited to announce its LifeGAP™ offering. This first-of-its-kind debt cancellation protection is designed to safeguard the trucking industry against unexpected life events.

Launched during the height of the pandemic, the LifeGAP program was created to protect the credit and business of first responders when they needed it most. Now truckers who enroll in LifeGAP not only have total loss protection but have peace of mind from real life events such as physical disability, critical illness, involuntary unemployment of a spouse, and more.

By adding LifeGAP to their traditional benefit packages, truckers receive enhanced protection and the flexibility to choose between up to six months of payments or returning the vehicle with no further financial obligations, thereby safeguarding their credit by positively eliminating the loan or lease negative equity.

“During the pandemic, we witnessed lives turned upside down overnight. Many faced job losses, sick spouses, and financial instability. Insurian created LifeGAP to ensure that these hardworking individuals could have peace of mind as they continued their crucial work,” said Paul Budvitis, Founder of Insurian. “We recently partnered with a major trucking manufacturer to expand the reach of LifeGAP, providing even more support to those who need it. We are honored to serve this essential segment.”

Dealerships and financial institutions that offer LifeGAP can stand out from competitors, boost monthly profits, and enhance customer loyalty and referrals by offering a unique and valuable product. Insurian also provides additional videos and promotional materials free of charge to help explain the benefits of the protection plan to ensure each customer receives a complete fact-based, transparent and compliant explanation of the product offering. This allows for value-based conversations with customers resulting in increased satisfaction and profits.

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