Innovative Weighted Outdoor Covers Take a Bite Out of Rodent Damage

LOS GATOS, Calif., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CoverSeal, the first 360º weighted bottom cover on the market to protect your outdoor investments, is not only stopping rodents in their tracks, but also stopping insurance claims from being filed. Rodent damage is a common problem and people usually do not address until it is too late. Whether a person discovers chewed wires under the car hood, a nest of critters living in a grill, or “droppings” from a quick visit, rodents are a nuisance. CoverSeal is proven effective, and the company’s 200% growth substantiates the innovation value.

CoverSeal, started when retired VP at Maxim Integrated Products, Automotive and Military Business Unit, Ken Huening, suffered from a $28,000 bill to repair rodent damage on his BMW i8. Because Ken is a problem solver, he turned a nightmare into a vision and now, a quickly growing business. Starting with only car covers for the first 4 months, he developed patio, grill and new to the lineup, truck/SUV covers in one year.

In that past, rodent damage in cars was minimal. Modern cars have more wiring as most of a vehicle operates on computers or even with an electric drivetrain. CoverSeal customers are dodging these varmint bullets because the weighted bottom seals to the ground making it almost impossible to get in. AutoWeek spoke with John Paul, the indisputable Car Doctor for AAA Northeast on March 18, 2021 and he lists CoverSeal as one of John’s top 8 products to deter rodents from a person’s car. Keep Critters from Chewing Your Car Parts with These 8 Products (    

Patio furniture and grills have multiple attractions for rodents and insects. Besides the food residue on a grill, they both provide shelter from weather, protection from predators, and when not used frequently, the majority of covers on the market leave space to enter, becoming a perfect home for critters. While grill and patio furniture damage are not as costly to repair, propane connection and cushion damage is a problem, and no one wants uninvited guests.  Finding rodents in the grill, or knowing they come in and leave before you realize, is not appetizing.

Starting a business right before a pandemic is far from an ideal situation. Due to COVID-19, Amazon was the main selling channel for CoverSeal. During the unprecedented times, CoverSeal managed to introduce their product and break into the market with 200K in sales last year and doubling sales month over month in 2021. CoverSeal is thrilled to see the product have early growth and success. Innovation and passion launched the company, and they will both be part of the company as it grows to new heights. CoverSeal commits to creating new innovative products, focus on quality, listen to our customers and improve over the course of time.

Melissa Croland-Brandt, CMO

SOURCE CoverSeal

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