Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Hello Twisted Road. Motorcycle Riders Can Now Explore The Emerald City on Two Wheels

CHICAGO, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Twisted Road, the leading motorcycle rental community, is partnering with Eastside Harley-Davidson and Emerald City Harley-Davidson in Seattle to allow riders to take extended test rides before they purchase a bike. Through allowing dealers to rent their pre-owned motorcycle fleet, a rider can ride the Pacific Northwest before adding a motorcycle to his or her garage.

"Buying the right motorcycle is an important decision," said Austin Rothbard, founder and CEO of Twisted Road. "We help riders try different motorcycles before they make their final decision on which bike to add to the garage."

Riders can rent any pre-owned motorcycle within Eastside Harley-Davidson or Emerald City Harley-Davidson’s inventory, from Sportsters to Road Kings, and Fat Boys to LiveWires. The Twisted Road insurance policy covers everything from rider and dealer liability to any damage that happens during the ride.

"It’s exciting to partner with Twisted Road," said Todd Thompson, Owner/President of Eastside Harley and Emerald City Harley. "This program helps get people on two wheels, especially when they are in the market for their next ride."

Twisted Road’s demo-to-own program allows dealers to increase conversion without risk. With their secure insurance program, thorough rider background checks and verifications, and dealer inventory management platform, the company is helping dealers earn money on their existing inventory.

"We connect the motorcycle world: two wheels at a time, and I am very excited that we are finding innovative ways to bring the community together," said Rothbard.

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