Federally Recognized, 501(c)(3) Charity AUADD.org, is Hoping #GivingTuesday Will Help the Continued Funding of Their Proven, Lifesaving, Free, Teen Driver’s Education Program

BURR RIDGE, Ill., Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the United States, there are 10 million teens who become (ages 15-19) eligible to apply for their driver’s licenses yearly. 6.5 million receive them every year.

Since 2003, a federally recognized charitable organization, has distributed their "turn on safe driving," daily planner and study guide, to high schools, free of charge. They are in the process of turning the lifesaving, paper form of the program, into an app.


In an effort to continue to fund these lifesaving efforts, AUADD has initiated a partnership with IDonate. This partnership allows AUADD to accept many types (see video for acceptable items) https://auadd.org/what-can-donated) of items such as, vehicles, real estate, scrap jewelry, coin collections, art, stamp collections, and many more varieties of items. Once a person goes to any page on the AUADD.org site, they will see a donate button. Once the button is clicked, it allows a donor to via drop down menu (https://auadd.org/donation) to indicate the type of item (including cash) what the donor prefers to donate. The donor would simply click on their choice and fill out (no form to fill out when donating cash) a short contact form. IDonate would quickly get in touch with the donor, to arrange pickup of the item(s). It appears this charity has made the donation process simple and easy. With all items (including cash) donated, eligible for a 100% tax deduction. AUADD is a 501c3 charitable organization.

"Because we have been all-volunteer since our inception in 2003 (TADD 2003-AUADD 2014) a donor can be assured, every penny of their donation, be it cash, real estate, vehicle, or any other form, will be used for our critical programs. It is an accepted fact, that educating teens early against the dangers of drunk driving, drugged driving as well as destructive driving, is the key to better habits that save lives. Education saves lives!" –William M. Piecuch Jr, Founder and President of AUADD.org and T.A.D.D.

AUADD is also seeking corporate partners. Their site is designed using the U.S. map as a basis. Each state opens to separate pages, allowing each state to set up sponsorship ads on each state’s page. This allows like-minded businesses to support AUADD’s programs, while building long term-brand relationships, with one of the most coveted groups in marketing-teens. With 10 million teens yearly and perpetually eligible for drivers’ licenses, and 6.5 million (source CDC) receiving them. Coupled with their extended families, reaching this group, while supporting proven lifesaving programs, would seem to be a very desirable action for businesses.

Because AUADD is all-volunteer, they have one person who will be the point of contact for businesses interested in supporting AUADD and the evolution into an app form. This is the person assigned to communicating with potential business sponsors, 
. 844-334-9300. However, anyone in the office, including the President, will help to answer any questions.

AUADD is also opening the opportunities for naming rights, "brought to you by" rights, and other varieties of opportunities for businesses, foundations, or like-minded individuals to name the upcoming app after their brand. Ms. Baldini can help in those categories also.

Of course, at any time, any like-minded individual can support AUADD and their programs, by donating, using this link. AUADD expects the app to begin educating teens early 2022. Depending on their ability to attract like-minded people, and businesses for their support.


Media Contact:

William M. Piecuch, Jr.



SOURCE Americans United Against Destructive Driving (AUADD)