Electrifying the Car Rental Market: Joulez Introduces an Innovative Electric Car Rental Company to Transform the Rental Industry and Promote an EV Future

NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Driven to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles and revolutionize the rental car industry, a new company, Joulez, has launched an innovative EV rental car company.

Joulez is a New York-based web and mobile rental car platform built around the unique needs of EV renters that is seeking to transform the rental industry and create the groundwork for a comprehensive network built around supporting EVs.

The company is the brainchild of CEO Micah Bergdale, a former Apple engineer who was one of the first Mac Geniuses hired as part of Steve Jobs’ launch of the Apple Retail initiative in 2001.

Bergdale is a long-time proponent and supporter of EV technology and his experience working at Apple, being an Apple fan, and subsequently, a Tesla and EV enthusiast played a huge part in his decision to start Joulez.

So far, Joulez had raised $85K from its Start Engine campaign launch toward its initial $1.07 million raise, (https://www.startengine.com/joulez ), with common stock in the EV rental business currently being offered to investors at $1 per share with a minimum investment of $100.

"The car rental industry still has yet to catch up with the growing demand for greener transportation," Bergdale said. "As it stands, EVs only make up about 2% of the cars in the rental industry. I am unaware of any company that is looking to start an exclusively EV rental company. The EV industry is primed for major growth, and Joulez is ready to deliver a car rental experience unlike any other."

The company’s on-demand system will allow customers to book cars through its mobile app or website with support available through Zoom video conference and reservation management interface.

"We recognize that renting an EV may take some adjusting for those accustomed to gas cars, and therefore, we are committed to providing our customers with the most user-friendly experience possible," he said.

The top potential benefits for investors in Joulez include:

  • The rental car market is expected to reach $214 billion by 2027, and as Millennials and Gen Z become the largest consumer demographic in the U.S., the demand for green services such as EV rentals will only continue to grow.
  • The resale value of EVs has outperformed traditional gas-powered cars, and the company anticipates this trend to continue, providing steady financing to support expanded operations.
  • The founding team at Joulez previously launched Bytemark, the leading mobile software platform provider for mass transit, which is now owned by Siemens.

As they gear up for its official launch, the company currently has a beta test group of clients renting their Teslas, and they are working to design and develop the mobile app which customers will use to book their cars. Joulez will also offer rentals at competitive rates for the New York City market with prices ranging from $75$200/day.

The majority of the funds raised from the first tranche of their CF campaign will go toward expanding the number of vehicles in the company’s fleet.


Joulez is an electric vehicle (EV) rental company aimed at revolutionizing the rental car industry and laying the groundwork for an ecosystem built around supporting EVs.

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