E-Solution Professionals to Provide Free Data Mobility Product for Tireweb Distributors

DUBUQUE, Iowa, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — E-Solution Professionals (ESP) has announced a new “Data Mobility” service for its flagship Tireweb B2B software. This service allows point-of-sale (POS) companies to securely and seamlessly integrate with ESP’s network of tire, wheel and auto parts vendors. With Data Mobility, distributors are able to use their own inventory data to process orders directly from their dealer’s POS software.

“There are two sides of the data discussion. First, the data provider, or tire distributor, who owns the data, and second, the consumer of the data, the tire dealer,” said Kevin Marley, Managing Director of E-Solution Professionals.

“It results in enormous complexity for tire business owners. Each tire distributor, tire dealer and POS system has their own processes, formats and part numbers.

“This creates many combinations of data for the tire distributors and tire dealers to exchange for inventory, pricing data, and to transact orders.

“Our Data Mobility offering overcomes the complexity and manages the data interchange in real-time.”

ESP’s system makes it easy to work with third parties like POS systems.

“It’s like going to a supermarket. Everything is in one store, the pricing and availability is obvious, and the check-out process is the same no matter what product you buy.

“It’s a lot easier than it used to be when you had to go to five different stores to do your shopping, all with different processes and check-outs,” Mr. Marley said.

POS companies can take advantage of ESP’s Data Mobility offering to extend their software to import inventory and pricing data and allow tire dealers to place orders with any of the various distributors they buy from.

The Data Mobility offering will be available at no cost for all distributors using ESP’s Tireweb ecommerce platform.

“We wanted to do something to help our Tireweb distributors during COVID-19,” Mr. Marley said.

“We made a considerable investment in this platform. It opens up a significant market opportunity for Tireweb distributors by making it easy for dealers to buy from them and by having all their data available in one place.”

“Data Mobility is used by many tire-specific POS companies today,” Mr. Marley said.

“I expect a distributor could reach the majority of their dealers through our service, allowing dealers to shop for all the data they need in one place. Any POS software can integrate with this service.”

Data Mobility is also available for other companies with a demand for data, like those building websites for the tire industry. Customers interested in a data licence can contact Sheila Waters at

About E-Solution Professionals

E-Solution Professionals (ESP) is the market leader of business-to-business ecommerce software in the tire industry in North America. ESP’s flagship product, Tireweb, transacts over $2 billion USD of sales on behalf of its customers each year. Founded by Kevin Marley in 2001, the company recently began developing products for data mobility, artificial intelligence and fleet management.

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