Daymak to Unveil First Spiritus Prototype to the Public at York University, Toronto

TORONTO, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Daymak Inc., a pioneer in personal Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), today announced the first-ever public unveiling of its ground-breaking Daymak Spiritus – the world’s fastest three wheeler, and the world’s first electric vehicle to mine cryptocurrency. The invitation-only unveiling is scheduled for 11 am on December 17th, 2021, at York University, Toronto. The event will be hosted by Prof. Jose Etcheverry, Director of the International Renewable Energy Academy. This event will be open, by RSVP, to all press media, Daymak shareholders, and EV Battery Tech shareholders. Those interested in attending should R.S.V.P. at .

"This car has been a dream in the making, and I am elated to finally be able to show it," remarked Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak. "It is very exciting to see the first prototype being ready for the road, with five more currently being built as we expand the Daymak Team to get to the next level."

At this event, Daymak will announce exciting new additions to their team. Daymak recently welcomed Gabriel Iosif on a full time basis, an Automotive Engineering specialist with over 25 years of experience bringing world-class vehicle designs to life. His expertise spans a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from EVs to racing cars, across all levels of the industry, from small start-ups, all the way up to automotive giants such as Bugatti and Ferrari. The Daymak team is rapidly growing, welcoming on-board specialists across all industries, further facilitating the process of bringing the Avvenire Series and the Daymak Blockchain to widespread commercialization. Daymak invites those who are experienced in, and passionate about, EVs, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Blockchain Development to visit

"At the Spiritus unveiling, we are also excited to showcase and explain our exciting new IPs such as the Ondata wireless charging system and the Nebula cryptocurrency suite," continued Baiocchi. "The blockchain revolution is reshaping the financial sphere across all industries, and Daymak is proud to push the boundaries of the transportation industry through Daymak Nebula with a car that was financed partially through crypto mining and crypto payments. The Avvenire line-up, as well as the Nebula Miner and Wallet, are small pieces of the comprehensive blockchain framework Daymak is currently developing, including developing our own cryptocurrency."

Daymak also invites EV Battery Tech shareholders to RSVP for this event, who will be showcasing their recently launched, blockchain-enabled IONiX Pro Home SmartWall. As part of Daymak’s ongoing partnership with EV Battery Tech and IONiX Pro, Daymak is powering its Spiritus and all the Avvenire Series vehicles with custom IONiX Pro Battery Systems. At the event, Robert Abenante, Managing Director at IONiX Pro and a member of the Daymak Advisory team will also attend the Spiritus unveiling.

"We wanted to thank all our shareholders, everyone who pre-ordered an Avvenire vehicle, everyone who supported us, and particularly our partners over at EV Battery Tech and IONiX Pro," stated Mr. Baiocchi, who is also a member of the EV Battery Tech Advisory Board. "Next-gen products such as the Spiritus require next-gen components such as the batteries EV Battery Tech are creating."

Daymak’s goal is to locally build 50,000 Spiritus three-wheelers in the upcoming years in Ontario, creating hundreds of jobs. Daymak is finalizing its blueprint for a 425,000 square foot plant where all the Avvenire products will be built.

Spiritus, the main product in the Avvenire Series, will launch in 2023. Daymak is welcoming its shareholders, EV Battery Tech shareholders, and press to the exclusive product unveiling on December 17th. To learn more about Daymak Spiritus, or to pre-order, visit

About Daymak, Inc.
Daymak, Inc, founded in 2002 with headquarters in Toronto, is a pioneer in personal light electric vehicles (LEVs). Daymak has a world-class global distribution network including 150 dealers and big-box retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy. Daymak is the number one distributor and developer of LEVs in Canada with more than 100,000 vehicles sold, and is known for cutting-edge designs like the world’s first fully wireless e-bike and Canada’s first solar-powered, off-road e-bike.

The Company’s Daymak Avvenire series is a comprehensive line-up of ground-breaking personal mobility vehicles including everything from electric cars to electric flying vehicles, set for production starting in 2022. Daymak Ondata, Daymak’s patent-pending wireless charging technology, is a more compact, cost-effective, and scalable solution than any other wireless charging technology available on the market today.

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