Daymak Avvenire Launches New Affiliate Program: The Green Army

TORONTO, Dec. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Daymak is looking for influencers and the general public to expand the reach of their newest initiative. What are they calling these eco-friendly road warriors? The Green Army.

The Green Army is crucial for the Daymak Avvenire Series: a line up of six electric vehicles making green transportation accessible to mass markets. We make statements, not emissions. “We want to make a positive impact on the environment. We need our team to get bigger. Together we can make a difference! Spread the good news. Make an impact. Earn a free car! Be part of a new emerging electric car company.” states Aldo Baiocchi President of Daymak.

Daymak’s goal is to achieve 50,000 deposits for the Avvenire lineup of products and build an assembly plant in Ontario and create 500 cleantech jobs. Daymak believes in the need to build the Green Army to get that goal and bring all the products to market.

Be Part of The Green Army

Daymak is looking for innovative new ways to spread the excitement about accessible electric vehicles!

Daymak is looking for influencers and green movement supporters to extend the reach of their initiative. It’s never been easier to support the local economy, the planet’s ecology, promote a greener future and get rewards!

Signing up for the Green Army means you’ll:

  • Get exclusive rewards!
  • Support Daymak, a proudly Canadian company creating hundreds of green jobs
  • Support for the environment by promoting all-electric vehicles

How The Green Army Started!

When Daymak launched the Avvenire Series, the Green Army was born.

Product release dates range from 2021 to 2025, and early-deposits are already pouring in! The Green Army initiative looks to expand Avvenire awareness through referrals and social media support. 

Meet The Daymak Avvenire Series!

This series includes six electric vehicles, designed to bridge the gap between the Light Electric Vehicles of today and green transportation of tomorrow. Take a look:


Daymak Avvenire’s TERRA is an Ebike designed for both on-road and off-road conditions. It boasts solar-trickle charging, increased battery life, and an impressive 100km range.


The FORAS is a single passenger vehicle unlike any other. Sporting an impressive range of up to 200km, this revolutionary take on the recumbent bike is an entirely new way to travel.


The TECTUS has off-road capabilities and a range of up to 160km with the optional autonomous driving feature, making it one of the most versatile mobility scooters available.


This light-weight enclosed explorer vehicle is adaptable to multiple terrain types and riding conditions and is perfect for camping, hunting, and wilderness exploring.


This electric and solar car is utterly unique. A complete two-seater with optional auto-pilot, boasting a range of up to 400km on a single charge and acceleration of 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds.


No longer the fodder of our imaginations, the SKYRIDER is a high-performance electric vehicle capable of flying. No traffic. No pollution. No problem.

The Green Army Affiliate Rewards Packages

For every referral a member of the Green Army is able to make, they have the option for monetary or merchandise rewards. Check them out below!

Monetary Referrals

1-100 Referrals- $10 per referral
100-1,000 Referrals- $15 per referral
1,000+ Referrals- $20 per referral

Product Referrals

1 Referral- Daymak Avvenire Keychain & Tuque
3 Referrals – Daymak Knapsack
10 Referrals- Daymak Avvenire Gift Box
40 Referrals- Daymak Jacket
100 Referrals- A choice of a Max or Max S Ebike With Shipping in Canada/USA or Europe
200 Referrals- A Terra Deluxe Ebike
2000 Referrals- A Spiritus Deluxe Car (Value of $20,000 USD)
10,000 Referrals- A Spiritus Ultimate Car (Value of $150,000 USD)

Ready To Join The Green Army? Hooray!

The future is bright and green.

If you are ready to join the green army and make a difference, visit us at:

Once approved, we’ll set you up with everything you need!

For distribution/partnerships/investments please contact Aldo Baiocchi

For media, press, green army or any general questions, contact Kierston Drier at 416-658-3993,

SOURCE Daymak Inc.

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