Dawson Racing and LEXIT Announce Partnership for NFTs

HOUSTON, March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Dawson Racing team is partnering with LEXIT, a next-generation NFT (non-fungible token) and DeFi (decentralized finance) platform company, to launch an exciting collection of NFTs.

The Dawson Racing NFTs include both real and virtual assets, which creates a revenue stream for the race team as they take a leading role in the pursuit of alternative innovations and technologies in the global energy transition in motorsports towards a more sustainable future. 

The Dawson Racing NFT collection that will be launched on NFT Platform www.LEXIT.com includes offerings such as the ability to earn pieces of the real physical race car, driver suits, and helmets, as well as driver avatars or likeness collectibles and memorabilia of the race team. Additionally, exclusive real-life experiences such as VIP access to races, meet the drivers and team, and exclusive tickets to partner events and the like will be offered through this exclusively through NFTs on LEXIT for the launch of its NFT platform.

"We are incredibly excited to be transforming into the future of Dawson Racing with LEXIT," said Simon Dawson, President and VP of Marketing of Dawson Racing. "We have been working with LEXIT for months and have learned so much about this space and are thrilled to finally be in it. We are inspired to create NFTs from some of our many race team assets and offer to our partners and sponsors to be part of this exciting journey for the fans. This is just the first step of this voyage into the future, and we can’t wait to share more as this evolves and grows in the coming weeks and months."

"LEXIT can’t imagine a better partnership to kick off the launch of our NFT platform," said LEXIT CEO Amir Kaltak. "We started LEXIT.com to enable opportunities for Investors and Creators and are excited about our partnership with Dawson Racing. They stand for everything that is good about technology and are just great folks to work with. We believe that Technology has the purpose to better humanity and protect our environment. Our future as a species depends on transforming how we produce and utilize energy. We are humbled to apply our LEXIT blockchain technology to such a great cause."

The drop for Dawson Racing NFTs will be launched on www.LEXIT.com when the platform debuts in early April of 2022.

For more information, please visit:www.dawsonracing.com and www.LEXIT.com.


Dawson Racing is a highly competent manager, owner and operator of an international sports car racing team. Its principals, Ian and Simon Dawson, have over 60 years of experience with factory and private global racing teams including engineering, technology, infrastructure and marketing resources.

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LEXIT is a next-generation NFT and DeFi platform for tokenizing Intellectual Property into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Anyone owning Art, Music, Film/Videos, Patents or Technical Inventions, can join and submit a listing for an NFT Launch, collect NFTs, follow/like its favorite creators and have the ability to build their NFT identity with LEXIT. 

Website: https://www.lexit.com/ 
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LEXITco 

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