Current Dealers Purchases their First Fleet Vehicle and it’s an EV

DETROIT, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Current Dealers, a company that provides solutions for electric vehicle charging and solar power is starting off on the right foot in showing its commitment to sustainability. This week, owners Will McCoy and Sal Estrada purchased their first fleet vehicle, a Chevrolet Bolt EUV from Heidebreicht Chevrolet in Romeo, Michigan. "Sustainability and e-mobility are two very important agendas to us. We are making our first company car and EV, the Chevrolet Bolt EUV.", relates McCoy. Organizations like Current Dealers are taking big leaps in demonstrating social responsibility when it comes to the environment. Let’s explore some advantages to companies who decide to purchase fleet EVs.

Reduced Fleet Cost
With gas prices showing no sign of going down anytime soon, the cost to fuel a fleet vehicle is a significant expense to companies. According to Car and Driver who did a direct comparison of a Mini Cooper EV (Electric Vehicle) versus a Mini Cooper ICE (Internal Combustion Engine), the cost to fuel both vehicles to 45,000 miles is as follows Mini EV: $1,939 and Mini ICE: $4,478.

Typically, fleet vehicles are driven more often than the average personal vehicle. This means there will be maintenance needed over the life of the vehicle. In the same study completed by Car and Driver maintenance on the Mini EV was $2,970 and the Mini ICE was $3,839 over the course of 45,000 miles. Although there are manufacturer warranties on both vehicles, it is still important to get a cost analysis as if it were not. This is because if you were to keep the vehicle past the warranty period, this cost could greatly affect profits.

There are also tax benefits to companies who purchase EVs. These may include both federal and state credits that can offset the price of an electric vehicle by 20% or more in some cases.

Increased Brand Image
Sustainability and the initiatives surrounding it are popular with both the public and private sectors. Companies such as Novartis are teaming up with EV charging manufacturers like Enel X’s Juicebox to transition their entire fleet of vehicles into Hybrids and EVs. "This project, which has been made possible by our partnership with Enel X, represents a further strengthening of Novartis’s commitment to sustainability," said Pasquale Frega, Country President and Managing Director of Novartis in Italy.

Organizations like Current Dealers and Novartis understand that making a pledge to sustainability and e-mobility is good for the environment and demonstrates a commitment to an all-electric future. This in turn increases their brand image in the minds of consumers and partners. With the increased brand image, also comes employee loyalty to the organization. According to PR Daily, ‘83% of Millennials want to work for brands that align with their values.’ By clear actions toward e-mobility and sustainability companies tell their employees, that they care about their future. In turn, the staff feels inclined to act as brand ambassadors for the organization.

Clearly, companies Current Dealers who invest in e-mobility and sustainability are on the right path.

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