Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI) Introduces its New 1000V Power Distribution Unit Plus (PDU+)

LIVERMORE, Calif., June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI), today announced its new high voltage Power Distribution Unit Plus (PDU+).  The High Power PDU+ integrates all commercial EV power electronics except the main drive inverters into a single drive unit.  This will substantially simplify OEM integration by eliminating most coolant routing as well as high voltage DC power distribution, and low voltage and communication wiring.  Along with the substantially reduced system complexity and improved serviceability, this results in weight savings of more than 300 lbs., more than $1,000 in cost savings, and substantially reduces EV production hours.

CSI’s new PDU+ incorporates 4 battery string inputs, a 350kW-1MW DC fast charge input and controller, an internal 20kW charger with inputs for an additional 40kW of AC charging.  The CSI PDU+ also has a multitude of outputs including two 250kW drive inverter outputs, 2 accessory drive outputs for steering and braking, a 2.5 kW 12V DCDC converter or 6kW 24V DCDC converter, and four 600VDC outputs for an AC compressor, cabin heater, cabin air compressor, and other accessories.  The unit also has a high-power DC PTO output and an optional 100kW AC PTO output.  The PDU+ is designed in a modular fashion and is highly configurable to OEM requirements.

“CSI’s new PDU+ will greatly simplify commercial EV production by replacing 10 separate components and all the required high and low voltage power distribution and coolant plumbing with a single unit about the same size as standard suitcase.” Said David Mazaika – CEO of Coulomb Solutions Inc.  “CSI continues to introduce innovative and industry leading product designs that accelerate OEM and fleet adoption of electrification in the commercial EV industry.”

About Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI)

CSI is the market leading provider of high quality, battery systems and electrification components to the North American commercial electric vehicle transportation market at wholesale prices.  CSI’s complete suite of highly reliable accessory components for commercial electric vehicles includes battery thermal management systems, electric air conditioning compressors, cab heaters, steering pumps, air compressors for braking, accessory inverters and onboard AC and fast DC Chargers.  The company’s goal is to enable rapid adoption of electric propulsion systems in commercial electric vehicle applications.

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