Carmic.Con a Different Type of Automotive Swagger Enters the American Car Scene

HOUSTON, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Anime, pop-culture, and Automotive enthusiast markets are massive. They makeup three of the largest multibillion dollar industries that Carmic.con is at a prime positioned to explode into in the great melting pot of America to create something different dubbed American Itasha in the the automotive world.

In America, the classification of "American Itasha" now exists. Created by Koriey Dixon, owner of Carmic.Con in late 2019 to reflect the trends he witnessed in Itasha culture in America. "American Itasha" is not limited to just anime and other Japanese characters, art, and vehicles. "American Itasha" builds on the shoulders of the Traditional Japanese Itasha definition as we understand it, but it is all inclusive of diverse content from anime series, cartoons, pop culture, manga series, comic books, movies, video games or any types of works of art.

At present, Carmic.Con host Professional American Itasha car shows in Texas that are known for being different and standing out.

The brand Carmic.Con was established by influencer Koriey Dixon. With his passion for both cars, anime, & comic books he put a plan into action to bring the American Itasha theme car community to the fore front of the automotive scene.

One such initiative was "The American Itasha Movement". An awareness campaign where he laced together car shows at comic & anime convention across Texas. These car shows are places where these unique and passionate car owners could present their vision to audiences of like minds.

"Please don’t misunderstand us. We feel that at its core from its creation the Itasha community was always meant to be all inclusive of all types of artistic expression."

Carmic.Con uses their platform across all social media platforms to publish positive media from the Itasha Community, which highlights all things related to Itasha cars and culture in America. #Carmiccon #itasha

Our next Exhibition will be at Houston’s Comicpalooza Anime Car Show, July 15th – 17th, 2022. 50 American Itasha cars will be on public display.

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