Cargenixs Auto Detailing Opening a Second Location

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cargenixs is proud to announce that they are opening a second location in San Jose, California. Their first location is in Los Gatos providing experienced car care in services like detailing, hand washing, ceramic coating, window tinting, paint protection film, and vinyl wrapping.

Having a second location will allow this auto car brand to reach a wider customer base with their expertise and services. Devon Lewis is the owner of Cargenixs, which started out as a mobile company, and still does some mobile detailing and car washing for clients at their homes or work. It’s a convenience that many companies don’t provide, and makes Cargenixs stand out from all the rest.

One of the best parts of their mission as a brand is to practice water conservation, using washing methods that will clean an entire car with less than one gallon of water, and zero water runoff using vapor steam. This is a vital fact in California, where there is always a risk of severe drought.

All Cargenixs employees are trained and certified to perform a full listing of services, focusing on quality, customer satisfaction, and expert attention to cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, and RVs. They do it all from basic maintenance washes to full detailing.

The operation for a customer’s benefit is clear. Cargenixs understands the frustration of waiting at a car wash for several hours, so they implemented an appointment and walk-in system where customers could schedule ahead of time to limit their wait, even for basic services. The way that it works is by each customer going online, scheduling their appointment through the open times, and when they arrive, the Cargenixs team will begin service within 10 minutes of their appointment time. This eliminates excessive waiting for different services. Walk-ins are always welcome, but appointments are handled first. Customers love the fact that the entire team at Cargenixs is so considerate of everyone’s time.

With a busy initial location in Los Gatos, now it seems that Cargenixs will be providing their exceptional auto services to a wider range of people throughout the San Jose area when their new location opens next month.

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Cargenixs is an auto detailing brand which was founded in 2015 in Los Gatos, California. Their initial location has been open since 2019, providing auto services that can make any vehicle shine inside and out. For more information visit their website:

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