BlueSkeye AI Launches Groundbreaking Technology Using Mobile Devices to Analyze Facial Expressions and Vocal Behavior for Clinical Use at CES 2024

Health Foundation Platform revolutionizes healthcare with the ability to provide digital health companies more measurable, reliable and secure customer insights quicker than ever before. 

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — UK startup Blueskeye AI is launching its Health Foundation Platform at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Health Foundation Platform makes it easy and quick for health tech companies to integrate clinical grade AI which analyses medically relevant expressed behavior into their products.

This groundbreaking technology uses mobile phones or tablets running advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze facial expressions and vocal behavior to provide digital health companies and their customers with deeper, more measurable and reliable customer insights more securely and faster than ever before.

“By combining computer vision and natural language processing, our Health Foundation Platform can decode the nuances of human emotion and behavior in real-time,” says Professor Michel Valstar, Founding CEO of Blueskeye AI. “Our technology allows us to surface insights that would be impossible to detect with the naked eye or ear, and which are difficult to both quantify and measure.”

Using the Health Foundation Platform companies can monitor customer engagement, satisfaction, and even spot the early warning signs of serious illness. The powerful clinical grade AI can be integrated rapidly into digital therapeutics platforms, clinical trial or treatment companion apps, extending their capabilities, making them more powerful and allowing additional services to be offered.

How it works
The Health Foundation Platform uses machine learning embedded in mobile phones or tablets to monitor changes to peoples’ facial and vocal behavior whilst they undertake one of a number of specialist tasks. This data can be used to identify and track emotions. The Platform can also assess fatigue, pain, muscular atrophy, anxiety and depression. It could even identify the early signs of conditions which have an effect on the face or voice, such as, Autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

BlueSkeye collaborates closely with digital health companies to design the optimal assessment for a digital interaction with the user. By undertaking the assessment customers generate rich behavioral data. BlueSkeye’s specialist staff benchmark this data at scale against best current measurement methods to establish the extent to which the technology will reliably enable or enhance the company’s offer. This rigorous approach ensures BlueSkeye’s face and voice analysis AI is suitable for digital health applications before deployment.

The Platform’s core technology is already in use in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) where the company is undertaking a clinical trial of its use for assessing anxiety and depression amongst pregnant women.

Chief Investigator, Dr Neil Nixon, Associate Professor in Psychiatry at the University of Nottingham and Consultant Lead for the Nottingham Specialist Depression Service described the trial as:

“An important trial, assessing the potential for artificial intelligence to detect early indications of perinatal depression. Our partners, including expert patients and clinicians, continue to shape the development of this technology so that positive results will also translate into more effective NHS care.”

BlueSkeye AI is also working with a number of global automotive manufacturers on the integration of the technology into the next generation of intelligent cabins. BlueSkeye also works with FMCG, social robotics and fitness and wellbeing hardware providers.

“By using BlueSkeye’s clinically validated AI, digital health companies can unlock new levels of insight and understanding of their customers,” says Professor Michel Valstar, Founding CEO of Blueskeye AI. “This paves the way for more personalized, proactive and predictive healthcare as we usher in a new era of next-generation, AI-enabled digital health and wellbeing.”

BlueSkeye will be giving demos of The Health Foundation Platform at CES 2024.

To learn more about BlueSkeye visit the website at or stop by BlueSkeye’s at Booth 8935 LVCC North Hall.

About BlueSkeye AI
Professor Valstar co-founded BlueSkeye AI in April 2019, with Dr Anthony Brown (CTO) and  Chief Machine Learning and Software Engineer Dr Timur Almaev. BlueSkeye’s products build on over 18 years of research by Prof Michel Valstar and his team in the Affective Computing (AC) and Social Signal Processing (SSP) field. Valstar has published over 100 peer-reviewed publications, which have been cited over 17,000 times and an h-index of 51, making him the second most cited person in the field of SSP.

BlueSkeye launched its first product, the software development kit (SDK) B-Social, at CES in Las Vegas in January 2021. B-Social helps developers use the company’s software to create more interactive social robots. BlueSkeye also launched an SDK for use in the automotive industry earlier this year, reacting to strong demand from this sector for improved in-cabin AI sensing. Visit the website at

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