Belle Tire’s Top Tips to Save Money at the Pump

Tire and Automotive Services Retailer Helps Consumers Ease Burden of Rising Gas Price

DETROIT , June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Drivers are facing record-high fuel costs and prices are expected to continue to skyrocket this summer. Even so, AAA is predicting that more travelers will hit the road this summer than last. Many of these drivers are not aware they could be wasting over a quarter tank of gas by skipping routine maintenance services that are quick and low cost, if not free. Belle Tire has easy ways for drivers to get more bang for their buck by extending how far they can travel on every tank of gas.

"Getting your vehicle serviced so that it’s working most efficiently can significantly decrease the vehicle’s fuel consumption. We want to save customers from making frequent – and costly – trips to the gas station," said Mike Kepler, 27-year Belle Tire automotive mechanic.

Belle Tire’s quick and easy tips to get the most miles per gallon1:

  1. Top Off Tires with Air – Tires that are underinflated by 10 PSI knocks over 10% off fuel economy, according to data from Investopedia. Keeping tires inflated to their recommended PSI is free and will help ensure drivers are not shelling out more for fuel than they should – saving up to 53 cents per gallon on gas.

  2. Use the Recommended Grade of Motor Oil – The correct viscosity of oil is important to get the best performance from a motor. Not using the grade of oil the engine was designed for can knock 2% off miles per gallon, which, according to the EPA, can waste up to 11 cents a gallon.

  3. Get an Alignment Check – Properly aligned wheels work cohesively so the engine does not work overtime and burn more gas to move the car. Investopedia says a vehicle with improper alignment is wasting 53 cents every gallon.

  4. Get an Engine Check – Checklist tasks, such as replacing old spark plugs, air filters or faulty oxygen sensors, can impact a vehicle’s miles per gallon by 4%. Based on data provided by the EPA, this can cost drivers $0.21 more per gallon.

To help make it more affordable to improve gas mileage, Belle Tire is offering up to 25% off automotive services that can increase fuel efficiency. Belle Tire also offers free air machines 24/7 at all locations. For more ways to boost miles per gallon and to see current offers on automotive services, visit:

AVAILABLE FOR MEDIA: A local expert from Belle Tire is available for interviews in person or otherwise. The expert can walk through maintenance to get better gas mileage this summer. Interviews must be scheduled. To schedule or learn more, please contact Rachel Shaykin at
or 847-331-5861.

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1 Cost savings reflect the average price per gallon in Belle Tire’s serviced markets

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