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LARGO, Md., May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aina Care is proud to announce that their new website is officially live and ready for shoppers! On this website, customers will find detailed information about the products Aina Care offers, as well as an easy-to-use online store where customers can order any array of Aina Care’s world class cleaning products. Check it out at

About Aina Care

Aina Care began with a simple dream of creating eco-friendly cleaning products that are highly effective without being harsh and dangerous. Now, they are proud to offer a line of unmatched cleaning products for a variety of applications, while realizing their dream and constantly improving.

Aina Care fulfils their mission of creating eco-friendly and effective cleaning products in a number of ways, depending on the products being discussed. For starters, they are actively cutting the plastic used by their company and for their products. By offering reusable spray bottles for their home collection of cleaning products that get paired with dissolvable cleaning tablets, they drastically limit the plastic being created, shipped, and wasted because of their products. Outside of their home cleaning collection, they also use biodegradable and fully-recyclable plastics to lessen their impact on the environment and operate more responsibly.

What’s more, Aina Care has intentionally formulated the cleaning products they offer to ensure there are no harsh chemicals being used, and that their formulas are non-toxic, whenever possible! Cleaning is a natural aspect of life, whether it’s in regard to the home, vehicles, footwear, or anything in between. As such, customers should be able to rest assured that the products they trust to clean are safe for their loved ones and furry friends. At Aina Care, they are happy to offer cleaning products that hit those marks — and that also leave whatever is cleaned smelling fresh and looking great.Through these simple initiatives, they are able to drastically reduce the environmental impact that their company has!

In addition to being eco-friendly, Aina Care’s products are renowned for their effectiveness and efficiency. Each of their products come with detailed use instructions. So, whether customers are cleaning with Aina Care’s home collection or sneaker care kit, they will have clear direction on how to use their product, and what they need to do whenever they run out of cleaning solutions!

Aina Care offers cleaning solutions for the following applications:

Aina Care is committed to providing their customers with the best cleaning products available online. From revolutionizing their products to have a lower environmental impact to creating a full array of diverse, effective, and reliable cleaning products, Aina Care is committed to improving the way its customers clean.

To order these products, visit the new Aina Clean website at, and shop their full selection online. Currently, shoppers can enjoy free domestic shipping in the United States for any order over $50.

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