4×4 Attitude Makes It Easier to Customize the Look of Your Jeep With Patent Pending Action Shields™

BUFORD, Ga., Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 4×4 Attitude has made it easier than ever for proud Jeep owners to customize the look of their vehicle with their unique Patent pending Action Shields™. Action shields safeguard the vehicle’s top coat from road threats, are durable enough to handle all-weather situations (including off-road travel), and are available for customization.

When it comes to the exterior of Jeeps, many Jeep owners use decals to customize the exterior of their vehicles. But many of those vinyl decals can damage the top coat, remove paint, leave behind debris, and don’t fare well in extreme weather conditions. This leaves many Jeep owners with low-quality, one-time-use decals that don’t live up to Jeep body armor standards.

4×4 Attitude’s action shields are designed to be placed over on top of the Jeep’s exterior, giving them a new look that is both stylish and protected. All action shields come with an installation guide to make it easy to attach each design.

What makes these decals so popular is that not only are designed to affix to the top coat of the Jeep without damaging the exterior, they also offer protection from weather, rainwater, leaves, dust, and debris. Furthermore, the vinyl is scratch-proof and fade-resistant. This leaves Jeep owners with an exterior decal that can hold up to even the most intense off-roading trips.

When Jeep owners are ready for a new design, the action shields can be removed without damaging the paint or leaving behind residue. On top of that, action shields are made to last, meaning that they can be stored away and used again in the future. Currently, action shields are available for five Jeep models: JK 4 Door, JK 2 Door, JL 4 Door, JL 2 Door, and JT Gladiator.

When it comes to finding the next big thing in Jeep body armor, action shields from 4×4 Attitude are a strong contender. To learn more and view the selection of available Jeep accessories at 4×4 Attitude, including their Patent Pending Action Shields™, visit https://4x4attitude.com/

About 4×4 Attitude

Based in Buford, GA, 4×4 Attitude offers custom and pre-designed aesthetic accessories for Jeeps. From Action Shields, sun shades, flags, and custom designs, they have a wide selection of products to help Jeep owners share their individuality. All products from 4×4 Attitude are handmade in the USA using premium materials.

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